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College Essay Writing

The biggest question that many people ask is what comprises good writing or what makes a good writer. Teachers and lecturers wonder whether students can be taught how to write and why they have not perfected it even at the college level. The simplest definition of writing is putting paper to paper or typing ideas on a computer keyboard.


Why do we write?

We write to respond to something or some ideas. We respond to people or the world around us. At times we respond to our own feelings. That is why writing can be considered a way of expressing ourselves-our biases and inclinations. You cannot expect a writer who subscribes to minority groups like gays, lesbians and the transgendered communities to write against them. By writing, we take a position that others are given chances to challenge our thinking.


Writing is arrangement of ideas

In order to effectively communicate effectively, ideas must be systematically arranged. One sentence must connect to the other. All sentences must add value to the paragraph. Each and every word should contribute to logic, flow and good grammatical sense. Even if ideas are scattered on any page, there should be some connection between and among them. The end of an idea should signify the start of the other.


Writing is Decision Making

In writing, the reader expects to hear well thought out ideas that lead them to understand the decisions that the author intends to make or defend. In this process, the author uses facts and figures to convince the reader why they need to subscribe to their school of thinking. The author is allowed to be subjective especially in touchy matters like politics or religious inclinations. The ideas should be planned, drafted, revised and brought out clearly throughout the text.


Writing is Value Addition

Each writer should strive to add value to the existing body of knowledge. This explains why we have different perspectives in each field of writing. In case the writer is doing a review of a certain subject, which could be an article, journal or a movie, they are supposed to fill the existing gaps in knowledge. The more one writes, the better the subject in question should be enriched.

At, we teach students how to write good essays thus making them competitive in all fields of writing.


4 Ways to Make Your Academic Writing Rock

Every student wants to score better grades. And, one way of achieving that is by improving their academic writing skills.

But, good writing is a talent and not everyone has a natural writing talent. I am sure you, just like every other starting scientist, understand the importance of wring perfect academic papers.

You might have Thomas Edison’s intelligence. That’s fine.  But you will never be recognized for your academic achievements if you don’t know how to articulate your arguments on paper.

The question is: How can you improve academic writing?


Do not self-edit your own work

Are you aware that even professional editors themselves do not edit their work?

Yes, they might have a sharp eye for run-on sentences, misplaced or absentee commas.  Just anything that is not so okay in other peoples work, but not in their work.

Why is this so?  Well, because it is common to overlook such errors in their writing.

You think it is strange for a professional editor to be blind on their own writing?

It’s not. In fact, different studies have shown that that problem is very common.  When you are done writing, the content remains fresh in your mind for quite some time.

And that is what makes self-editing hard because your brain will always be filling in the missing words and ‘auto-correcting’ the common spelling mistakes in the text.

It doesn’t matter what level of writer you are. The painful truth is, you need an editor.


Keep off from plagiarism

There nothing that is highly frowned upon in academic circles than  passing off someone’s work as your own You can borrow someone’s content – opinions or research –  but  remember to give credit to the owner.

If you don’t want to jeopardize your credibility as a researcher, avoid stealing other people’s work.  It may cost you.


Use a clear and well-constructed language

It’s about legibility here.

You don’t want to sound like a 9th grader. Ask yourself whether your text is grammatically sound.

What about word choice? Is your choice of words meant to express your clearly express your idea or arguments? Or are you trying impress the read with your wordsmith at the expense of quality argumentation?

Also, you need to avoid extreme verbosity in your work. Cut off fluff of your academic papers. Practice brevity and relevance in writing.  Try to keep focused on the topic and maintain favorable academic climate.


Do not over-quote

While word for word quoting is allowed (there are situations that warrant this, though), over-quoting makes your work sound unoriginal. More like it has been borrowed.

If you have to use much of someone’s work, makes sure a large chunk of it has been paraphrased. And, do not forget to give proper attribution to the original source.

Academic writing is one thing that many students hate to do while at school. It’s no wonder that many students hate it. If you are among the students who find the idea of writing their academic papers off-putting,  has seasoned and trusted academic writers ready to assist you.


Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100
Use the following coupon code :