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Writing Literature Reviews

Answer the following in your best writing- not forgetting to cite whenever you find yourself using the words, thoughts, ideas, concepts of any author.

A. What is a Literature Review, according to Galvan?

Galvan answers this question within the first paragraph of the chapter. So summarize/cite the author when you find his answer to that question and discuss the following:
What are the sources of information contained within a Literature Review? A complete response, expected in upper-division class work and discussion, includes examples from and citation of Galvan source, other sources and your own analysis.

B. Complete the exercise on page 9 in Galvan Chapter One as directed and answer all questions reading Model Literature Review A and in your best writing.
Minimal yes or no answers will receive no credit. This kind of writing will feel like a Critique : Fully respond with examples, using citations for your best chance to receive full points. You may number your responses but each paragraph should flow and be easy to read aiming to craft a professional analysis of the literature review.

Useful Sources:
Writing Literature Reviews by Galvan 2012
Preparing Literature Reviews: Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches

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