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Write my Inductive Essay

Writing an Inductive Essay

In the theory of knowledge, there are different methods of generating knowledge. Inductive reasoning makes generalizations from specific facts. In reality, observing trends of formed by specific issues. In most cases, facts regularized patterns. It is from scholars’ curiosity, in such sequences, that investigation and research are started. No inductive essay would be written without documentation of trends derived from facts.

After observation, a tentative hypothesis is proposed. A hypothesis is an assumption made by a researcher based on limited facts or information. It is the basis for further investigations. A hypothesis is presumed not to be true until it is tested and validated. The time spent on fact-finding depends on the nature, scope and size of the research.

After testing the hypothesis, you finally come up with generalized conclusions or theories. The theory should be a product of validated and tested facts.

When writing an inductive essay, your target is finding and comparing facts. In short, it is a fact-finding research whose goal is to provide factual a conclusion. Your aim is to build your argument slowly but persuasively. Try as much as possible to clarify your facts but do not prove any point in the essay. Your essay must have a logical progression. Facts should support one another.


The introduction of your inductive essay should give your reader an orientation of what you will write about. It also explain the scope of the paper. How deep are you taking your paper? Give the reader the possible generalizations and assumptions. It is good to make open speculations on the topic. You can come up with statements like, “some people believe this while others believe that.” At the end of the introduction, the reader should have an idea and the possible standpoint you might take. However, they should not know the conclusion.


The Body

The body of your essay should interpret available facts with clarity. Give as many facts as possible. Many facts make it easier to convince the reader. Many inductive essays are based on controversial topics like abortion, cloning, death penalty, corporal punishment and such essay topics.

All facts should be strong and convincing. Clarity and depth are also important. You can evaluate the genesis of the discussion through history. For instance, tracing how the issue of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) started; and  how it sparked the public debate. You can discuss the laws that were made following the public opinion.

Throughout your inductive essay, maintain independent thinking. Supporting the commonly known facts might lead your readers to ship out. All facts should be based on credible sources. Do not quote an opinion article you read on a gossip blog. In matters like legislation, refer to the acts of parliament or the laws from the Federal or Local authorities.

To maintain reliability, only dwell on verifiable facts or the already been verified facts. If GMOs increase the risk of cancer, show the studies that documented those facts. Show the probability of causing the disease. If there are confirmed cases, quote them.

When selecting the evidence and facts to present to your readership, choose high quality evidence. Do not leave chances for the reader being torn in-between.  Your point of view should be objective and biases avoided as much as possible. Do not hurt the feelings of your reader through insensitivity. If it is the issue of abortion, consider that some of your readers might be victims of rape causing forced abortion.

The aim of writing an induction essay is to sway the thinking of the reader. You should answer the questions why?, when?, where?, what? and how? Strive to ensure that someone else can relate and use your essay to explain the same situation as you did.



An induction essay is never meant to prove any point. This is why it is always double-sided. Your conclusion should logically derived from facts that you presented in your essay. Help the reader to see how you reviewed those facts before arriving at your conviction. You should also come up with a proposition for future steps that need to be taken. It could be in law or research. For instance, you can propose the amount of marijuana sold to an individual to be set by law.

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