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Write My Essay on the Role of the Media

An Essay on the Role of the Media

Media can be defined as the channels or means of general communication, information, or entertainment within a society. The role of the media is to reach a wide range of audience. The audience of media can be listeners, viewers,or readers. In the past, the word media was used to refer to newspapers and magazines. Due to technological advancement with time, the world incorporated television, videos and cinemas,  and internet as a part of media.

The media play key roles in educating, entertaining, and informing people. With these values, the society strengthens. The media influences social and cultural practices of the society. The media forms the public opinion and debates. According to the latest report, 1.79 billion people are active on Facebook (Facebook, 11/02/16). This means that all these people hold conversations every month.


Media are the leading sources of entertainment. Everyday, the media spend billions of dollars to prepare programs for entertaining their clients. This explains the reasons actors, athletes, singers, scriptwriters, and filmmakers have decent careers. People depend on them to have light moments after work. Today, sports have taken an important role in the entertainment world. Football, baseball, basketball, tennis, golf, swimming, motor sports, boxing, and martial arts have gained a big following. Their fans can only enjoy live coverage of their favorite games on TV or Internet.

The media have a role to inform people about things that happen around them. In ancient days, people spent days and months before receiving news. Today the media report about politics, health, money matters, war, new fashion and fad, terrorism and so on. With the advent of technology, it is possible to live-stream breaking news on your mobile phones.

The media are some of the strongest political observers in the world. Many people use the media, specifically, social media to register their frustrations with political systems. Today, it is possible to talk to any leader through social media. The media inform people about politics, development agenda, political alliances, election results and malpractices,democracy and so on. The media also analyse political implications of government decisions.

Another role of the media is educating people. The wide penetration of the media makes it easier to pass important information to the society. When Ebola hit West African countries, different media were used to educate people about signs and symptoms of the disease. In America, people depended on the media to learn about the Zika Virus.

The media is used to make public announcements. Many government in the world have state-owned media houses. Presidents have their press services. They publicize and disseminate any information the government intends to pass to people. Today, many heads of government institutions use their social media channels to address citizens. Airlines use the media to inform travelers about delays or cancellation of flights.

The media are also used for advertisement. Businesses use the media to inform people about their products. Adverts are run  in favor of those products. In reality, the quality of adverts influence customer choices. New products are also launched on live TV and Video programs.

The media play the role of networking. We cannot assume the power of the media when it comes to making and meeting new friends. People use the media to share common interests like games,education, travels, fashion, music and so on. There are many successful marriages that started on social media.

The media have their downside. In the recent past, some media houses in the US were accused of inciting people against some candidates. The media have also been used to distort information. This is common in dictatorial states. The media are culpable for advertising substandard good and services. Pornography and internet bullying happen through the media.

The media are strong tools of communication. They inform and educate people. Their impacts are both negative and positive. Choose the best and leave the negative and the world will have a safe society.

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