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Write High Quality History Essays

How to Write High Quality History Essays

You cannot understand how to write high quality history essays unless you understand what makes up a good history paper. The most important thing in any academic paper is quality and relevance. The way you organize your work and the kind of content you bring out determines your grade.

The aim of any history college student is to get good grades in the subject. However, most students struggle with writing history essays because they lack a few tips. This paper seeks to explain how to write good history essays that can earn you better marks.

Relevance of the Essay

As a college student, you should seek to answer the question and not to divert in any way. Following instructions is the starting point for handling any academic question. You can write a good paper but if it is not relevant you will not earn any marks. This means that you have to think carefully about the question before you put anything on paper.

Thinking about the question and the answers you are going to provide distinguishes your history essay from the rest of the candidates. As you think, you may become a bit confused but this is good because it assists you to clarify the points. You need to give yourself time and ideas will start popping into your mind one after another. You can note these points on a rough piece of paper as you continue engaging your mind.

The advantage of course work essays is that you have enough time to answer the question unlike exams. It’s good to develop the habit of constantly thinking about the key issues in your history course. It’s not advisable to only absorb what you are taught in class. This will assist you to write high quality history essays with a lot of ease.

How to Write the First Paragraph

Each part of your history essay is important but the initial paragraph is vital. This provides you with the first chance to either depress of impress your examiner. Make sure that the first sentence catches the eye of your reader. It should demonstrate to the examiner that you understand the question properly.

You need to establish the parameters of the question by giving relevant definition to the key words. You can also identify the relevant issues and time frames. You should divide the whole question in to several sub questions or manageable sub-divisions. Each part should have its paragraph for the content to flow smoothly.

You will be required to formulate voice alternative lines of argument, or perhaps an argument. It’s good to note that you will have to substantiate this information later in the essay. The introduction of a good history essay should basically run between two to three paragraphs. The introduction lays the foundation of what you will be discussing in the body of your essay.

Your first paragraph will tell the author whether you are on the right track or not. You need to be rigorous, analytical and remain relevant in the introduction section. This will develop confidence in your examiner and start earning you marks from the onset. You can begin with the birth of the individual or year of the event. You cannot write high quality history essays without paying close attention to your introduction.

Middle Paragraphs

All history papers should have a begging, middle and an end. The middle serves as the body of the academic work. However, if you have written a very nice introduction that comprises of relevant and manageable sub-sections or sub-questions, your essay will be coherent and not appear to have the middle section. You should strive to have an essay that flows from the beginning to the end.

The questions you are answering from the middle part should come out clearly. The examiner should be in a position to identify the question even if you have covered it in the introductory section. This means that you should begin each paragraph in the middle section with a generalization of the question you are addressing.

You can then develop these general ideas by substantiating them with evidence. You are supposed to provide quotations and facts to support your arguments. This is normally referred to as the judicious selection of your evidence. You can broadly summarize issues that are not very important because they may not add much value to your essay. You need to pay more attention to the most important section in the essay.

In you are a second year college student; you should be familiar with the main historical interpretations. This information can assist you to write high quality history essays and thus you should not overlook it. In addition, you should not virtually ignore the past as this approach takes historiography to the extremes.

You should not be tempted to believe that all your history paper requires is a set of opinions from historians. It’s good to avoid giving generalizations and backing them up with the opinion of historians as many students do. Most of these generalizations are entirely circular since you formulate the generalizations from the opinion. Such information is not only unconvincing but also meaningless to the examiner.

This approach also fatuously presupposes that all historians are omniscient and infallible gods. You need to provide real evidence to back up your opinion or else your generalizations will simply be assertions.  The middle section of your history paper should be the place to put real substance.

The introduction part shows the reader that you know what you are doing but the middle earns you nearly all the marks. You should never neglect the middle part as it can cost you a good grade. You need to use the introduction of your essay to build your main body.

Final Paragraph of Your Essay

You should use the final paragraph to hammer home the case you have been arguing in the body of the essay. In case you were examining more than one alternative proposition, the conclusion gives you a chance to state which one is correct. This is a very important section in your essay as it also carries some marks.

In the body of your essay, you are concerned to a barrister arguing the case. However, in the conclusion you act like a judge not only summing up but also bringing the matter to a conclusion. This means that you need to pronounce your verdict as a history student in the final paragraph or conclusion section.

You don’t need to introduce a lot of fresh evidence in the conclusion section. However, you are free to bring on board any odd additional fact that comes on your mind. You should also avoid going to the next issue in the conclusion section. Irrelevant endings in your history essay cannot earn you any marks. Make sure you stick to the context of the question as you bring the matter to rest.

It’s good to make the conclusion of your essay explicitly relevant because it is not the duty of your examiner to think for you. You need to argue your case in a convincing and well organized manner. Your final paragraph should summarize everything you have been talking about and give the final verdict regarding your discussion. It can be one or two paragraphs the maximum.

Points to note While Writing History Essays

It’s advisable to analyze your essay critically and revise it several times before submitting it to the examiner. There is no way you will write high quality history essays unless you effortlessly criticize your drafts. You should also keep in mind any feedback you get from your examiners regarding your essay.

Apart from looking on the marks you scored in your essay, look at the examiner’s comments. This will assist you to work on your weaknesses and write high quality history essays in future. It’s the responsibility of your tutor to advice you on what you need to work on to improve the quality of your essay.

A well written history essay should be relevant to the question you are answering. You need to Marshall your evidence in such a way that it brings out a clear and precise argument.  Following the right paragraph structure is also vital for earning marks. It’s good to write witty, expressive and sparklingly proactive essays. However, you can still earn good marks from ponderous, serious and dull essays as long as you follow the right format.

Wrapping Up

As a history student, you cannot run away from writing essays. There are several ways of expressing your ideas in an essay. The only thing that will make you earn marks in your essay is following the guidelines provided. You need to present your essay in a unique manner that convinces your examiner to award you all the marks.

You need to make sure that your content flows smoothly from the first paragraph to the last one. It’s not the responsibility of the examiner to struggle getting points from your essay. You should bring out points clearly for you to earn good marks. Only coherent and well written history essays can command good grades.

 For you write high quality history essays you need to understand different types of essays in existence.


Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100
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