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Write Good Descriptive Essays

How to Write Good Descriptive Essays

Students use descriptive essays while creating a vivid picture about a thing, place or individual. The main purpose of a descriptive essay is to allow the scholar to reveal what a subject means through a sensory detailed observation. The challenge is that most college students don’t know how to write good descriptive essays.

On the contrary, you can use narrative essays to reveal the meaning of a subject through a personal story. You need to employ all human senses and the power of language in a descriptive essay to bring a subject to life. After reading a descriptive essay, the reader should come out with a feeling that they have held a certain object, visited a specific place, or met a given individual.

You will know that you have done a good job as a student if your reader gets the above feeling. Your audience should be able to feel a deep appreciation and emotional connection to your work. There is no need to present a piece of work that will not entice the target audience.

As a college student you need to understand that writing consumes a lot of effort. You need to understand and follow the proven steps in writing any piece of work. This article presents you with a step by step guide on how to write good descriptive essays.


Pre-writing Your Descriptive Essays

In this phase of your descriptive essay, you should take some time to think about what or who you want to describe and why do you want to do that description. Do you want to write about an object of significance in your life, or a special person, or a place that you value most? You don’t need to have a very famous or unusual topic to catch the eye of the reader.

In your endeavor to write good descriptive essays, you can decide to write on your parent, toy, school or tree just to name a few. Once you come up with the best topic, you should spend enough time in analyzing the qualities of your subject. You need to take a lot of time brainstorming about each detail that is associated with your subject or topic.

It’s advisable to reflect on the environment even if you are not writing about a place. You need to understand the location of the object or the residence of the individual. Apart from the physical characteristics of your topic, you can also consider the ideas, feelings, and memories that the subject evokes.

You should note that emotions and memory play a vital role of conveying the significance of the subject to the reader. It’s good to plan in advance what each paragraph will focus on, and come up with an outline that will assist you to arrange all this information in a logical manner.

The mistake that most college student make is that they go direct into writing before they plan properly. This may make you to mix up ideas and lack a flow in your essay. You need to state all your points down on a separate piece of paper before embarking on the writing process.


Drafting Your Descriptive Essay

It’s good to follow your outline when coming up with the initial draft of your descriptive essay. However, you should remember that your objective is to give whoever is reading your essay a rich experience of your subject. This means that you should aim at showing the reader the image of the subject and not telling stories.

It is advisable to involve all the senses in your essay by not concentrating on sight alone. Be keen to include taste, smell, touch and hearing in the descriptive essay. Allow your reader to feel the touch of a hand, taste the pie, smell the roses, hear the music, and even see the moon.

Using figurative and descriptive language assists you to write good descriptive essays. You also need to use concrete images while describing your subject. You can use metaphors and similes that fit well into your essay.

The initial draft should not vary very much with your original piece of work. You should not spend a lot of time revising your draft because it is so sketchy. In fact, any one going through your draft should be able to point out your main concepts. You need to spend enough time in coming up with your initial draft to avoid wasting time in the other stages.


Revising Your Descriptive Essay

In this phase, you should be able to review, modify and reorganize your work with the aim of bringing the best out of it. You should read through your work with several considerations in mind. You need to check whether your essay flows in a manner that will assist the audience to understand the topic fully. Make sure that there is no paragraph that confuses instead of describing the subject to the reader.

Also check whether the figurative and choice language conveys emotional meaning and involve all the five senses. You also need to provide sufficient details in your essay that give your reader a complete picture of the subject.

There should be a clear connection between the description provided and the meaning it brings out. You should have your reader in mind from the opening paragraph to the conclusion phrase. If you are to write good descriptive essays remain precise in detail.

You should also not let the essay to go ahead of its self. Never give the reader a lot of trouble trying to build up the image in their mind. Be very keen while revising your essay to avoid a lot of work when editing. Be sure that one step leads to another in a descriptive essay. Any small oversight in one stage can cost you an entire phase in of coming up with the best essay.


How to edit your descriptive Essay

This is the point where you need to proofread your work and correct any grammatical or mechanical mistakes. You can also use this stage to improve the clarity and style of your descriptive essay. You need to check for loading up and clichés on adverbs and adjectives.

It’s good to have another person to go through your essay. They can identify some mistakes that you can’t see and aid in correcting them. A colleague can recognize some trouble spots and help you in editing the essay from the reader’s perspective.

It’s good to note that this is the last stage in your writing process. Any mistakes not noted in this phase may end up being published. Make sure you give as many people as possible to go through your essay and assist in editing.

In case you have colleagues who have published several descriptive essays in the past, they can be very instrumental in editing your work. You can also look for good language tutors to cross check your work before you proceed to the next step.


How to Publish Your Descriptive Essay

After going through all the steps of how to write good descriptive essays, there now comes the time to publish your work. This entails sharing your work with your classmates and other readers. It is both a scaring and enticing experience.

All writers are sensitive about their own work. You need to put in your best and publish your work with a lot of confidence. After publishing your work, you need to learn from experience and take in any feedback you receive. The goodness is that any subsequent work you publish is usually better than your previous piece of work.

Your published work should go to as many readers as possible. This allows you to get feedback from a wide range of readers. It also sharpens your writing skills for future work in the field. There is no way you can develop your confidence in writing if your work is not evaluated and criticized by professionals. You don’t need to be too selective in deciding who will read your essay.


Wrapping Up

Having gone through the guidelines on how to write a better descriptive essay, I know that you have all it takes to write the best essay. You need to understand the difference between a narrative and descriptive essay to avoid confusing yourself. It’s also good to remain focused as you go through the writing process.

You also need to understand what each step in the process of writing the best descriptive essay entails. You will always be scored according to your compliance to the guidelines. The main intention of a descriptive essay is to assist the reader, see, feel, touch, hear and smell your subject. In case you need more advice, you can always search for other materials or seek for professional advice from your tutors.

Once you are done with your first essay, it should not mark the end of your writing. The feedback you receive should help you aspire to write a better essay. The secret behind writing a better descriptive essay is learning from mistakes and perfecting the art of writing.

For you to write good descriptive essays, you must be well versed in different citation styles.

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