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Write Faster in Exams

How to Write Faster in Exams

There are times when you leave the exam room, and you wish you had more time. There is no way you will be a good student and record good grades without sitting for tests. Examiners don’t look at how much you study but how you perform in your exams. The secret behind academic success is being able to write faster in exams.

You may be well equipped for the exams but if you are nervous, misinterpret the questions, or run out of time you will fail. Here are some tips on how to write faster in exams and score good grades.


Quantity is not all You Need

Putting so much content on your exam paper does not add you more marks or make your answer better. This only wastes a lot of time that you could use in answering other questions. It is advisable to be brief and concise in your writing.  You need to look at the marks each question carries and only write what is required.

You may write so much for a question that has a few marks. Once you have written down the points that are useful in your response, there is no need to continue writing more. It is good to save time and move to the next question.

Always Practice With Real Exam Questions

We have so many previous exams or mock questions that you come across as a student. It is vital to use such questions for your revision. Set for yourself time limits and try answering these questions. You will be able to gauge your ability in answering such questions, and make the necessary adjustments to make sure that you don’t run out of time.

We have so many advantages of using real exam questions in your revision. First, it enhances your confidence as a student and reduces anxiety for tests. You will be more ready for the test because you already know what to expect, and you understand your ability to handle the task.

Another advantage of real exam questions is that they assist you to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. You should never go into an exam room if you don’t understand yourself. You will understand the topics you need to allocate more study time.

You will also know the type of questions you have trouble handling, and what you can do to improve the situation. You can also set time limits for yourself and see the best way to plan and prioritize your exam. Practicing with real test questions is good in assisting you write faster in exams.


Adapt Your Studies to the Exam Format

We have different test formats and it’s advisable for a student to study appropriately. This does not only assist you to prepare well for the exam but also saves your time. It’s good to know the general concepts for long questions. In addition, multiple choice questions may often require you to answer true or false.

You should also provide supporting evidence for the main concepts in long questions. Adapting your studies to the exams format prepares you to write faster in the exams and record good grades.

Always Start by Scanning Through the Questions

It’s good to take the first few minutes of your exam time to peruse through the questions. This assists you to get mentally prepared for the tough questions. It also helps you to plan your time well. It’s important to prioritize and allocate time for each question.

In case you have optional questions, it will assist you to select the questions you will handle. Go through all the instructions and give more value to questions that have great worth.

Start With the Easy Questions

Starting with easy questions prepares you psychologically for the tough ones. You may pick up some ideas or clues from the simple questions that may assist you to answer the touch questions. Easy questions don’t consume a lot of time like the hard ones hence they assist you to write faster in exams.

Completing the easy questions assist you to save enough time for the more complicated ones. Choosing to begin with hard questions may confuse you more. You may end up being unable to answer the simple questions due to time constraint.

Choose the Right Pen for Your Exam

It’s advisable to bring several good pens in the exam room. If one of them disappoints you, you switch over to the other one. You can waste a lot of time struggling with a pen that is not up to the task.

You should never tense up because your pen has run out of ink. This will make you write at a slow pace. You should also not write frantically because it will make you disorganize your paragraphs and run short of ideas.


Ease the Work of the Marker

You should note that the marker is the final decision maker while awarding you marks. Don’t make the examiner spend a lot of time in finding out the points in your text.  If the marker is unable to read your writing or find your answers, you will miss on the marks.

Always have the person who will mark your work in mind as you write. Some of them can skip a whole paragraph if they get disappointed along the way. Don’t make it extremely hard for the marker to try and award you marks.

In case you are handling a mathematics paper, it’s good to be highlighting your answers. You can organize your answers in point form and use headers while giving lengthy answers.

Plan Your Answers Well

Planning for your answers appropriately can assist you to write faster in exams. It’s very bad to jump into a question without planning for it. You may misinterpret the question and be required to start afresh. This can waste a lot of your exam time as a student.

It’s advisable to be planning out your answers carefully before attacking any question. This is more practical for answers that have multiple sections. Take some time to internalize the question and check whether you have enough points to give you all the marks. Once you’ve confirmed this, you can structure the answers properly and then handle the question.

Never Panic in an Exam Room

Anxiety makes you perform poorly in any exams. It’s good to remain confident and composed while facing any exam. It’s not easy to control your nerves but you should always get a way of remaining confident.

The first thing is to ensure that you have prepared well as this gives you confidence. You can use mind maps in grasping the major concepts of the subject with ease. You should also clarify any doubts at the end of every lecture. It’s not advisable to allow such doubts to fill your mind with so many unanswered questions shortly before you sit for an exam.

Another thing that can assist you to write faster in exams is to stop being a book worm. Some students end up studying any minute they are awake and cram so much before an exam. It’s good to relax a bit and give your mind some breathing space. This assists you to retain what you have learnt and read.

It’s also advisable to have good breakfast and enough sleep at night. Overworking your body shortly before you go for an exam will make you perform poorly. The best approach is to prepare well during early stages of learning and then get enough rest during exams. Don’t feed a lot of junk meals because you don’t have enough time to prepare a balanced diet.

Create Some Time to Review Your Answers

It’s very common to miss out on some questions or important points. You need to save some time to look back and ensure that you have done the right thing. You should confirm that you have all the answer sheets in their right place.

Confirm whether you have followed the instructions for each question. You should also confirm the total exam marks with what you have written. Never submit a paper that has very few points compared to the marks allocation.

You should always highlight the questions that you need to check back on. Finally, you should never forget to write the course, name, instructor, and date among other mandatory requirements. It feels bad to submit an exam paper that can’t be associated with any candidate.


Running short of time is a normal occurrence for many college students. This paper provides you with several tips on how to write faster in exams. However, you should never panic in case this happens to you. Always start with easy questions and use bullets to write faster. Note down the points that you can easily forget on a separate piece of paper.

You also need to go through the paper and use the correct pen in writing. You can miss so many marks because of these simple mistakes. Your core business on campus is academic excellence, and you need to learn several tricks of handling an exam. In case you need more information, you can always visit your tutors for further advice.

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