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Write a Conclusion for a Research Paper

How to Write a Conclusion for a Research Paper

Writing a research paper can be a daunting experience because you spend much time and resources. When you do not write a conclusion for a research paper that will leave a good impression to the instructor, all this effort will prove useless. As much as you are writing a good research paper, your conclusion is important as well.

Some people will struggle to write a conclusion for research paper while others will find easy. It all depends on how well you understand the issue at hand. Some will take more time to do it while others will need a short period to come up with an excellent conclusion.

So how do you do it? Your conclusion should be able to summarize the content of your academic paper without seeming too dull. Ensure that it includes every key element that you have discussed in the body of your research paper.

Here are tips that you can use when you want to write a conclusion for research paper


  1. Restate your topic while explaining why it is important to the paper

Ensure that you do not spend much time restating your topic. It does not necessarily mean you use the exact words, but you should use different words that mean the same.  Make it straightforward and brief as possible.

Do not write an elaborate defense of your topic but rather show its significance to the argument. The reason for this is you have already defended the topic in the paper. The conclusion is a brief section to end your paper and it should not be used to support the paper.

An excellent way to restate your topic is using a single sentence. For example in a research paper addressing the drug abuse among college students you might say something like “drug abuse is a common trait that affects thousands of students in colleges.”


  1. Restate your thesis statement

Just like rewriting the topic, you also need to be brief while revising the thesis statement too. A thesis statement is a narrowed and focused view of the topic of your paper, so it is already brief.  Do not try to include things that were not there in the original thesis statement while restating your thesis.

Just ensure you use your words to rephrase the thesis in an outstanding way. It should not be identical or too similar to the original thesis statement. Choose your words right and ensure they reflect what the original thesis statement says.

An excellent way to achieve this is rewording your thesis statement in a way that gives credit to the summary of your topic of discussion. Try to do this in your first sentence of your review.


  1. Summarize your points in a short way

This is to help your audience try to recall what you told them in your paper. Sometimes the paper maybe too long and the reader might forget some of the things they have read along the way, and this is an excellent way to remind them. Remember the main aim of your conclusion is to leave an impression on the reader and doing this will help the crucial elements in your paper stick in the reader’s mind.

Just find a good way to restate each point in your body without writing the supporting information. Remember not to include new information while summarizing your points. However, do not fear to include any information that can prove valuable while writing your conclusion.


4. Explain the significance of your points

Sometimes you might have just presented your argument in the paper without leaving an impression to the reader. An end gives you a chance to show the reader how significance the points that you discussed earlier are. If you had already reviewed the importance of your points in the paper earlier, there is no need to do it in the conclusion of your research paper.


  1. Make a call to action if appropriate

This depends on the type of research paper that you are writing. Some political and social research papers make it a requirement for you to have one. You should also consider what your instructor has asked you to do before deciding whether to include it or not.

If you have to do it, ensure that you can state to your readers there is a need for research in the future. If you want them to read more about the topic, you can provide materials and sources that can help them do that.


Tips on how to write a good research paper conclusion

  • A good research paper conclusion answers the question “so what?”

The conclusion paragraph should show the readers why the research paper is relevant. You should explain on the usefulness and importance of the thesis statement by stressing its relevance to the topic discussed in the research paper. This is achieved by restating the thesis statement and summarizing your main points in the research paper.

  • Have a conclusion that synthesizes the points discussed in the paper

Your conclusion should summarize and not summarize the research paper. That is, you should be keen to discuss ideas and show the examples used to develop the paper fit together. This is a good writing strategy because repetition or summary of the research paper is irrelevant since the readers have already read your research paper.

  • Redirect the readers of the paper

You should show the readers how they could use the research in a real world scenario. This gives the readers something to think about. For example, if you have an introduction that is specific, your conclusion should be more general showing how the research can be used in a global context.

  • Introduce a new meaning to the information

This does not necessarily mean that your conclusion should introduce new information. Your conclusion should demonstrate how ideas discussed in the research paper come together to create a new picture. Your conclusion paragraph should not present new information to the research paper.

  • Discuss implications for further research

Your conclusion paragraph should state ways in research findings alter the audience understanding of the research topic. Your conclusion should also indicate areas in the research topic that require detailed investigation. You should be keen to mention areas that use the same method.

  • Include final words

You should make any interesting or relevant findings that came up in the research process. You should note other pertinent areas in which the essay has significance such as practical applications or ethics.

  • Make the concluding paragraph short and precise

Just as a paragraph has sentences that develop a central point, a right conclusion needs to support the thesis statement. However, your paragraph should be approximately 200 words to avoid covering more than one point, which may leave the reader confused. If your research paper is less than ten pages long, your conclusion should be one paragraph. However, if it is a long research paper, the conclusion should be two or three paragraphs in length.

  • Use of transition signals

You should introduce an end with statements such as “in brief,” “indeed,” or “in conclusion.” Use of these transition phrases shows the reader that they have reached the end of the research paper. Transitional signals put the users in a proper mindset to reflect on the implications of your research essay.

  • Make an original comment on the research topic

You should introduce a thought to provoke question, statement, or recommendation based on the findings of your research. Your final remark should be linked to the scope of the research findings. Your comment should also create a vivid image of the studies in the reader’s mind. If your last point is in the form of a recommendation, it should provide your readers with a call to action.


How to use online companies to write a conclusion for research paper

Sometimes college students do not have enough time to write their research paper due to their tight schedules. Some of them have to juggle between jobs and classes while others do not know how to write it well. Due to this, they might not even find enough to write a conclusion for a research paper.

So how do you do it?

Hiring an online company to write a conclusion for a research paper can be good for you for many reasons. You will save time and cash, and the best thing is you will be able to come up with the quality conclusion your paper needs.

Finding a good company to do this is not hard. There are many businesses around, and all you need to do is check out the reviews and feedback to ensure that you can trust the company.

Writing your paper is good as it helps you gain skills and knowledge. But if you don not have time to do it, you can find online writing experts to help you.

In conclusion, if you follow the above guidelines, you will be able to write a conclusion for a research paper that will score your good marks.

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