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Write a Conclusion for College Essays

How to Write a Conclusion for College Essays

It’s nice to write an eye-catching essay, but it is even better to write a conclusion for college essays that continues to speak to the reader long after they are done reading. A real end should be able to leave the reader with a lasting impact.

One of the few things that the reader remembers after reading a paper is the conclusion so you should make if effective enough. Ensure that the reader will be convinced that your argument is valid using a practical end.

When you are writing persuasive or argumentative essays, the conclusion might prove to be the best section in your paper. The reason is this is the last impression that you make to the reader


What do you include in the conclusion?

A good conclusion should contain a brief overview of what you discussed in the body of your paper without adding too many specifics. You should restate the thesis statement but rephrase it to reflect the significance of your argument. A good conclusion for academic essay should be around one paragraph of around five sentences.

Give a new meaning

Ensure that you do not give new arguments or meaning in this section. However, in some cases, you might decide to show the reader that your ideas and your research work together. This can be achieved by asking questions at the end of the conclusion.

For example, if you are arguing on eradication of drug abuse among the youth, you can ask questions that bring the argument together. Isn’t it clear that substance addiction among young people is a problem in our colleges? Should we wait any longer to deal with the effects of drug use in our youth?

Challenge the reader

College students write academic papers in different classes, and their conclusion should reflect the subject matter. You can ask the reader to study further on the subject to gain a deeper understanding of the subject of discussion. You can help the reader achieve this by adding several reading materials in the conclusion.

Your conclusion should be able to encourage your reader to gain more interest in the subject matter. They should be willing to read other papers that are related to your topic of discussion if they stumble upon one.

Give an outlook of the future

Another important thing that you can include in your paper is encouraging the reader to look into the future by either making them imagine or giving them a real example. For example, in our scenario on drug abuse among the youth, you can create an image in the reader’s mind on how colleges would be a better place without drugs. This will leave the reader with the impression of how colleges without drugs would look like.


Types of useful academic paper conclusions

The Simple Summary

Choosing this kind of ends mean you will have to synthesize rather than just summarizing. A dull statement in this sort of judgment is not a good idea. Remember you want to create an impression to the reader so you should write an academic paper conclusion that is outstanding.

Ensure you do not repeat the ideas that you have discussed in the body but instead, show your audience how the points you raised fit together and why they matter to them.

Also, try to avoid the use of the common phrase, “and in conclusion.” This can be an insult the audience knowledge: After all, if you have organized your paper well, it will be obvious that the reader knows that you are giving your conclusion remarks.


The Frame or Circle Technique

Here, you will go back to the beginning; it is more of reminding the reader what you said in the introductory paragraph. You do not have to necessary repeat what you said in the beginning, but you can say something related to that. Repeating the introduction gives your essays an excellent combination of ideas.


The Panning to the Horizon Technique

This type of conclusion should be able to move the audience to see your academic essay in a larger, perhaps even universal, point. It redirects the readers, giving them something a little different. Something they have not been reading throughout your essay.

At this point, you can demonstrate the importance and broad significance of your topic by using an appropriate view. You can pose a question, create an image in the reader’s mind that encourages him or her to look into the future, or want to learn more about the topic of discussion.


The Proposal or Call to Action

You write this type of conclusion mostly in a persuasive or argumentative essay. Here you make a proposal to the reader by asking him, or she does something. In other words, you are making a call to action to them.

These type of conclusions are mostly used when writing political essays conclusions.


The Concluding Story Technique

Here, you will conclude your academic essay by creating a scene or by telling a brief story that illustrates the topic’s significance to the audience.

You can use this approach to make an emotional connection with your reader.


The Delayed Thesis Conclusion

In some essays, you can be asked by your instructor to take an exploratory approach may be discussing several solutions or suggestions.

Your conclusion should state the thesis almost as if it is a discovery, allowing the audience to discover the thesis together with you.

This finding technique can be difficult to use. Although you might not use the argument until the very end, it should serve as the guideline when you are writing the entire paper.


Tips on how to write an effective conclusion

  1. Take your time

Finishing your essay is a great thing but failing to come up with an eye-catching conclusion all this effort might go to waste. As said earlier, a conclusion helps create a long-lasting impression on the reader even after they are done reading your paper. Achieving this might prove hectic to you but taking your time can be of great help to you.

Spend some time brainstorming on the ideas that you will include in your essay. Note that taking time does not mean procrastinating, just do not rush into writing one. After you are done with your paper, start brainstorming when the ideas that you wrote are still fresh.

  1. Note down all the ideas

After brainstorming on the ideas that you can include in your conclusion, write them down instead of cramming them. Ensure you are focusing on the already discussed in your body instead of new ideas. You already know what your argument is so this should be easy for you.

  1. Look for the themes that you introduced in the first paragraph

You can get closure by adding the first paragraph in your conclusion. See whether you can take the idea further and bring it back to the conclusion.

  1. Keep it brief

Remember that your aim is to create an impression to the reader and long sentences cannot achieve that. Ensure you have summarized your points well so that they can be brief to the point. However, do not summarize the points exactly how you wrote them in your essay.

  1. Get help on how to write a conclusion for a college essay

If it is your first time to write a conclusion for college essays, it could prove to be hard.

It can cost you much time you might also fail to meet the standards required by your professor. So where can you get help to ensure that you come up with a proper conclusion?

Getting help from your instructor is always the best idea. He or she will guide you according to the way he or she wants you to write a conclusion for college essays. Remember your instructor knows how he or she wants the conclusion to be so getting help from him or she is a plus, as it will help you score good marks.

Another advantage is you will be able to create a sustainable relationship with the instructor so he or she will be ready to offer guidance in future academic papers. Do not be afraid to ask questions to the instructor in case you make mistakes, as it is an excellent way to learn.

Another way is by hiring online essay writers that charge a fee to write a conclusion for college essays. Although most of them write complete papers, they can also offer help if you need to write a conclusion for college essays if you are their client. The only thing they do is teaching you how to write a conclusion for college essays or any other type of online writing services.

It is however important to note that papers done by these online paper essay writing companies should only be used as a guide and is not eligible for submission to tutors since it can deemed as cheating.

In conclusion, if you follow the above guidelines to write a conclusion for college essays the process will be a smooth one. Combine it with the knowledge learned from your instructor and you are ready to go!

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