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Write My College Essay or Write My Essay

Who Will Write My College Essay? Grasp These 9 Types of Essays First

Typically, an essay is applicable in almost any subject from English to Business.  In as much as the information provided is important, the tone, writing style and technique used are also important. To bring out the points, you need to differentiate the writing styles available. This will answer the question, “Who will write my college Essay? or who will write my essay?”.


Understanding all of these styles is essential whether you intend to write the essay on your own, or you “need a college paper written for me at a fee” or you’re asking yourself, who’ll write my college essay for cheap?


Proper formatting

How to Start an Essay

All essays should observe a particular format in terms of arrangement. They should all have a thesis statement. This statement communicates what the writer will focus on.  This should appear on the last line of the first paragraph.


The conclusion should not introduce new information. It is a summary of the points that have already been discussed.  A thesis statement can also be used to determine the type of essay that writer will write.


Every supporting topic should occupy its paragraph. The essay writer is, therefore, able to adequately tackle the subject. An essay paper writing company has the options for the various styles, you only need to click on one of the buttons and stop worrying about the fact that you need a college paper written.


Types of essays

If you are wondering, who will write my essay paper, you need to first understand the type of essay you have then give out the necessary instructions to the college essay writer.


  1. Expository essays

A student discusses an issue, theme or topic based on statistics, examples, or facts. For this kind of writing, first person is not used. This is because the supporting ideas on the paper do not include personal opinion but rather proven facts.


The writer takes the time to understand the topic fully from the other author’s point of view. After that they develop a thesis statement. The statement represents what the writer intends to talk about.  Each topic should be discussed in a new paragraph.


  1. Argumentative essay

Just like the name suggests, it involves arguing out a point. The thesis has two sides but it should clearly bring out what the writer supports. The writer uses reason and logic to show the supremacy of one idea to the other. After identifying a solid argument, they then go ahead to support it using examples and evidence.


Thorough research should be conducted to provide stable, reliable, authentic and reliable arguments. The writer maintains a particular position throughout the paper.  Knowledge of the topic helps the writer to know how to argue out their points.


The paper represents two sides; what the writer supports and what they do not believe in. They should therefore have good reasons why they support one side over the other. A good writer convinces the reader that their side is better than the other one.


The writer should ask themselves, how would I expect someone to reason if I employed them to write college essay samples? How they answer it should be the way they argue out in the paper.


  1. Research essay

A teacher gives the students research question or topic to research and write about. A comprehensive understanding of the subject is important. It is the guiding principle towards writing an excellent research essay.


After understanding the topic, then the writer comes up with a thesis statement. Just like in other essays, it determines the stand of the writer. The writer incorporates his own opinions together with that of other authors.


  1. Informal essay

This type of writing is not common in colleges. The article is common when the topics involved are entertaining or less serious. Writers include humor in the articles. It is very relaxed but communicates an intended message.  The message conveyed is very personal. A lecturer would tell to compose a college essays about yourself.


  1. Cause and effect essays

A cause and effect essay gives reasons why something happens and its results. The writer, therefore, explains the reasons then the consequences or effects. This writing either persuades or informs the reader. This is determined by the supporting factors.


In some cases, the author is requested to discuss either the cause or the effect of an event. If the essay is lengthy, the writer can explain the specific causes of the effects. Since there are many outcomes of an event, the most common are discussed.


  1. Compare and contrast essay

To compare is to look at the similarities while to contrast is to look at the differences between two ideas, events, or things.  The first thing to do is to write down the similarities and the differences of the two things.


There are times when the author discusses only the differences or the similarities. In other circumstances, they discuss both the similarities and differences between the ideas.


To bring out the ideas more clearly, the blocking method is used. Either the similarities or differences are discussed first. The opposite can also happen.


When thinking about who can write my college essay be sure to lay down your points appropriately. You can then ask a writer to add more points to it or to simply expound on the ones you listed.


  1. Narrative writing

This kind of writing comes in three parts; the introduction, body, and lastly the conclusion. The elements of essay writing such as punctuation, grammar and organization are observed when it comes to grading.  Characterization, dialogue, plot development and descriptive details are some additional factors that determine the grade.


Writers use the first person kind of writing. It makes them feel like they are part of the story. In most cases, the conclusion is usually like a personal statement.


  1. Five paragraph essay

As the name suggests, it has only five paragraphs. It has the introduction paragraph, three supporting body paragraphs, and a conclusion. The thesis appears as the last line of the first paragraph.


Supporting ideas in the three paragraphs appear from the least important to the most important. No new information should be written in the conclusion paragraph. All the information provided is just an emphasis of what has been previously discussed in the other paragraphs. If I were to think of someone to write my college essay or write my essay for free, I would be very specific on what they should include in each paragraph.


  1. Definition essay

It gives a definition of a term or topic beyond what the dictionary says. It’s deeper and may go into giving the origin of the name. The writer can also tell a story as a way of defining the name.


      10. A descriptive essay

The writer relies on his sensory organs to describe the idea. The description revolves around how something feels looks, smells, tastes, or sounds. The essay could be in form of a story or a list-like description. You can be requested to write college essays about yourself or simply, describe yourself.


Wrapping up

If I were to tell someone to write my college essay, then I would make sure they know how to. I am sure you also want the same. Do not be in a hurry to select a college essay writing service to help you in your college essay; take time to ensure you get the best college paper writing service.


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