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Write Academic Papers Fast

How to Write Academic Papers Fast

Many college students find it hard to complete their academic papers in time. It is even more difficult for them to write academic papers fast due to various reason.

One of the primary reason students are not able to write academic papers fast is procrastination tendencies. Instead of focusing on writing the paper, most of them find themselves postponing it to a later date. Either they do it because they want to attend to other matters, but most of them are just out of laziness.

Another reason is some are too busy, and their schedule cannot allow them to be fast when writing their academic papers. Some students juggle between classes and jobs, which can be very hectic at times thus derailing their speed in writing their academic papers.

If the above scenario is your case, you will be forced to learn how to write academic papers fast, or you will find yourself missing deadlines. Procrastinators who wait until the last few days so that they can do their paper have to learn how to write fast too.

This article will give you a solution on how to do that

Five steps that you can use to write academic papers fast

  1. Come up with a point

It may sound easy, but it is a very hard to come up with a valid point. Some students may find it easy, but it all depends on abilities. Some can just sit down and come up with a perfect point while others will have to scribble down for minutes before coming up with a good one.

Some professors want you to answer a question or defend an argument in a paper. He or she might give you the specific question or a general topic to choose from. Either way, the first thing you should do is understand what the instructor is asking and come up with a point to argue.

  1. Formulate a thesis statement

An easier way to do this is trying to plug in the missing factor that will turn the question of discussion into an answer. Remember you are trying to write your academic paper fast so the statement does not have to be spectacular or accurate. Do not take time trying to guess what the instructor wants as this will take so much of your time.

Note that you are writing the paper to defend your viewpoint. If there were no multiple points of view, then there would be no need for writing the paper.

Ensure that you have enough material to support your thesis statement. You should not start something that you cannot support. Since your academic paper will be spent explaining your argument to your audience, it is important for you to come up with a strong thesis.

With a strong thesis, you have created a path in which your paper will follow. This will help you to come up with arguments to support the statement.

  1. Keep it simple

Do not try to sound smart but keep your paper simple. A straightforward, easy-to-follow argument will get you an “A” every time.

Sometimes, when students are not sure what they are talking about, they might try to use complicated words so that they can fill up space and inflate a three-page paper by almost half a page. However, do not do it.

If you use vocabularies to sound smart, the opposite will occur. Academic papers done fast turn into a mess of multiple instances of “Therefore, as to whether…” and “Indeed, it is evident the fact that….”

Ignore writing in long sentences in a bid to make your paper long this will just make it dull and boring to read.

Remember that good writing should be clear. It should include active verbs and simple subjects. Your argument does not have to be complicated to be good

Mostly a straightforward statement indicates that you know what you are arguing about. A good way to do this is getting researched information from your mind and stating it in a clear and precise way.

  1. Do a quick research

After coming up with your thesis statement, you have to find materials and sources to support it. If you find that you only have fewer sources, you should not panic. Take your available information and kindly go through the sources again to check whether there are details that you left out.

After you have established that, your thesis will work, note the pages from your sources that you will cite your argument.

Ensure that your paper does not have plagiarism. This does not mean that you cannot use other people’s argument to support yours. The only thing you should do is ensure you credit them.

Remember that you already have your point of argument, and your aim for the research should be to find something related to it that can support your argument. Even if a source supports your argument dimly, use it. If this is the case, ensure you put it in context.

  1. Come up with the structure

After you have your thesis statement and your materials, you put them down into writing. You do it in the following parts

Introduction: This is where you include you thesis statement. The next part of introduction should explain your thesis statement

The Body: this is where you support the claim you have made in the opening section. Here you will state your approach, your findings, and the results. Overall, it is crucial to make this part as meaningful as possible.

Ensure that your evidence is well explained, and you have stated where it is coming from.

Summary: This is the conclusion part.  It should summarize what you said in the second part. Ensure you end with your thesis statement, but start it with a “therefore.”

Bonus fact: ensure that you do not mess up. Remember that you have done the paper in haste, and you might have messed up in one way or another. This can have an adverse effect on your marks.

After you are done, go through the paper to see whether there are mistakes that you can correct. Ensure that the sources are well cited, and you have followed all the instructions that you are supposed to follow.

Tips ensure you write academic papers fast

  1. Use the right tools

Although as a student, you may not be able to afford writing tools that make your work easier; there are free tools that you can use to save some time. For example, when it comes to citation, tools like “cite this for me” can prove useful to you.

Before starting to write your paper, do some researches on the available tools that will enable you to write academic papers fast. You can also ask your friends with the knowledge in IT on software that you can use during your writing process.

  1. Do not want to be perfect

If you want to write academic papers fast, you have to get rid of your perfectionist tendencies. Doing this will reduce chances of finishing the paper in the time. One of the reason is you will spend so much time correcting details that you can correct once you are done with the paper.

How to write academic papers fast with online companies

Writing academic papers fast can be a hard task for the student especially if they are not used to deal with pressure. You might end up doing a shoddy job that does not meet the standards required by your instructor. So what else can you do?

Hiring an online writing company can be a good way to reduce all this stress. So many writing companies can help you beat the stress of writing academic papers fast.

If you can afford it, why would you put pressure on yourself by researching and typing while you can outsource the academic papers and get the same results? These companies will do a better job that will make you score better marks from your instructor.

They have the required tools and expertise to handle all types of academic papers that you want to be done. If you insist on a particular topic, they will do the paper in the required time and will help you beat the deadline.

You should be aware that it is against the policy of some institutions to give someone your assignment or academic paper to do it for you. Ensure that you understand the consequences before deciding to outsource your paper to an online company

In conclusion, although the above tips and guidelines will help you write academic papers fast, they will not guarantee you high scores in the academic paper. Academic papers in college require you to take your time while researching to ensure that you come up with good content.

Keep in mind that if you never procrastinated or waited until the last minute to write your paper, you would have gotten a good grade. It is, therefore, advisable for students to take their time while writing their papers to ensure they score high marks.

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