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What do Summo wrestlers and teachers have in common?

Instructions/ Template for Paper.


What do Summo wrestlers and teachers have in common. Hint: This topic is on the first chapter of Freakonomics book.

Project 2: Writing to Analyze

This assignment asks you to consider the rhetorical and critical strategies in a chapter of Freakonomics. The steps of the assignment are as follows:


  1. In a paper of +/- 1400 words (about 5 pages in MLA format), identify and explain rhetorical strategies that Freakonomics uses to try to persuade the audience to accept, or at least seriously consider the writer’s purpose. Be sure to consider why the content of your chapter is important for this purpose.


  1. We will discuss “rhetorical strategies” in class, but you will want to identify and try to explain things such as persona/ethos, logic/fallacy, tone and style, types of evidence used, visual elements used, and other ways in which the writers attempt to achieve their purposes with their audiences. Primarily, you will be finding the gaps and/or contradictions in Freakonomics and thinking about why or why not they are necessary for the topic/argument.


You will also submit a brief cover letter with the final draft (details about this letter will be provided in class). **I will not grade your project if you do not turn in any drafts and your cover letter.




Essay needs to have
Intro– Introduce the chat you are focusing on – little summary on how it attracts argument


Body– Each must begin w a template from they say, I say each paragraph should identify a rhetorical strategy or two in a plea of evidence from the chat – desired this strategy. Then identify the described its rhetorical problems.


Conclusion – Tell me what you think about the chapt. (reflects templates used)


Cover Letter ( Made after paper is made) 


-1st page   (won’t have page #)

-1 page tops

-Single spaced


  • Metacognitive


Cover letter has 4 paragraphs

1) How, when and where you worked this paper

2) Describe the assignment (Use the terms of the project)

3) What you did for assignment, how you went about writing it.

4) Take-away or what you learned about your writing (Reflect on what worked and didn’t work writing wise)





CHECKLIST for paper:


Formal business design

3-4 paragraphs

single spaced, times new roman 12 pt
Addressed to my teacher ( I will fill in name later )



  • In text citations
  • 12 pt font, times new roman, double spaced
  • Header
  • Strategies : Use LOGOS, ETHOS, and PETHOS in the paper
  • Problems: Folley, Gaps, Contendiction
  • Templates beginning body paragraphs


-MLA format
-Freakonomics book must be included
– add hanging indent

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