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Western metaphysics/European universalism

ENGL 955 Final Paper Overview



Your final paper should have some combination of the following basic criteria:


1) it should be a research paper, like a term paper, of about 15-18 pages, plus a works cited list;


2) you should plan on citing from at least 8-12 sources outside the course readings, although of course you can use any course readings, in addition to the other sources;


3) the paper should focus on what we have called Cultural Turn 3 (basically, our current situation);


4) you should select a specific focus in CT3 that interests you; that involves some concern for the concrete institutional, professional, disciplinary, and/or pedagogical practices that have characterized some area of English studies (this is generally a theoretical, curricular, or pedagogical concern);


5) you should relate your topic to our common course theme of Western metaphysics/European universalism; and that reflects a concern for theory, especially the theories relevant to your area of concern and thesis; to this extent, it would be expected that you would cite some of the sources we have read for class;


6) Consider as you research and write, your own position in the profession and your hope for the future of our discipline, so you can take a position relative to your concerns.

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