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Veblen’s Theory of the Leisure Class

303(250-300 words)

Veblen’s Theory of the Leisure Class involves a two-class model of social stratification: an Industry class and a Leisure class. Briefly explain these two classes and how they compare to Marx’s two-class model of stratification? Now please look around our society today. Do we have a two-class model of social stratification that looks like Veblen’s and Marx’s models? Defend your answer – provide real world examples.

331(250- 300 words)

  • Use the online library to find a peer-reviewed journal article that uses qualitative methods.
  • Read the article and write a brief summary of the article

Write a critical review of their qualitative analysis using prompts from our first Assignment


498(300-350 words)

1) Choose and identify a sub-field in Sociology
(e.g. Soc. of Medicine, Soc. of Family, Soc of Education, Soc. of Death & Dying, Soc of Religion, Research Methods, Soc. of Gender, Soc. of Race & Ethnicity, Political Sociology, etc.)

2) Provide a brief summary of your chosen sub-field.
(This will require some research – I recommend starting with the American Sociological Association (ASA) site; many of these sub-fields have ASA “sections.”)

3) Browse through a recent issue of a sociology journal related to your chosen sub-field.
(A list of the peer-reviewed journals to which APUS subscribes is available under the “Finding Peer-Reviewed Journals” handout in Course Materials>Resources Folder.)

4)Based on the journal you browsed, write a brief description of some of the current topics in this sub-field.
(Identify the key research question/thesis explored in one of the articles from the journal issue you browsed).

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