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Unit 5 Discussion Board

Part 1

Select a U.S. state, and research the number of deaths that occur while in custody for that state for the most recent 5-year time period available.

Provide statistics for the state you have chosen including gender, race, and ages for those who died from illness, AIDS, suicide, homicide, substance abuse, accident, and other/unknown (30%).

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Part 2

Then, listen to the two-part excited delirium debate in your course materials:

Unit 5- Excited Delirium Syndrome
In the two-part series, two subjects die. Respond to the following:

Did the subjects die as a result of drug usage, preexisting medical conditions, or excessive use of force by police? What is your opinion?
In addition to your opinion, provide facts to back up your claim.
Suggestions to Responding to Peer Posts

Choose a classmate’s post that covers a different state from the one you chose. How do the statistics for the deaths in custody for that state differ from the state you chose?
Choose a classmate’s post that takes a different position from your own. Are there any aspects of the student’s argument that made you rethink your position? If so, what were they?
If not, what additional arguments can you provide that correlate with the points made by your classmate?
Provide APA citation and references for information found in other sources that you are using to support your responses.

Provide citations and references for your materials in APA style

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