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Undergraduate Academic Essay Help

Is it Legal and Ethical to Use Undergraduate Academic Essay Help?

In modern days, technology use is on the rise. This has enabled undergraduate students to use the online platforms  to do their college assignments and academic work. It is an intriguing subject when it comes to whether it is ethical or legal to hire undergraduate academic essay help. Lets see what it all means!


It will begin with a story of an undergraduate student who submitted his paper to their lecturer. The paper was extremely well done and exceeding the well-known level of the undergraduate student. He had done a superb job in analyzing the given guidelines and offered some surprising insights.


The work was awesomely done, but the instructor suspected that there was something fishy about it. This is because it exceeded the quality of any work that the student had ever done in his entire course.


What Did the Tutor Do?

The instructor decided to use several programs to check whether the students had cut and pasted the paper but these efforts ended up at nothing. He decided to confront the student who confessed that he had bought the paper from a company that writes essays for students.


According to the instructor, this was a serious breach of academics ethics, and he gave the student an F for trying to get credit for using another person’s work.


This article will focus on this story and establish whether the teacher was right whether it is unethical for students to pay for undergraduate essay help for their assignments. Academic writing industry has grown very fast in the recent past. This growth has increased competition among the websites that write college essays for students.


Due to this contest, the online companies have been forced to offer their services at a low price without compromising their quality. This has enabled most students to afford these services. Most of them try to use this to justify their actions and say if others are doing it why not do it too.


Reasons it is not wrong to use undergraduate academic essay help

It is not Plagiarism

Using undergraduate academic essay help is not a form of plagiarism. Plagiarism implies stealing someone’s work and calling it your own and that is not the case here. This is because the essay writing services provide original work and cite all the sources used. So, they don’t use anyone’s work illegally.


Most of the genuine companies write essays for students for reference purposes only. After the student gets the copy, they should use it to write the essay that the lecturer asked them. It would therefore be unethical and illegal if the student presented the work to their college with the aim of being graded.


For students who are expected to present their project in class, they work with the essay writing services to understand the essay topics deeply. Lecturers expect students to sit down and write their papers. No short cuts! They aim at students having an insight of what is required of them when writing college research papers.


It helps students from poor backgrounds complete their studies

College life can be tough for those students who do not get enough support from their sponsors. This is because one has to keep up with the various activities that come with college and they all require money. It includes housing, clothing, going out with friends, and keeping up with the college life in general.


This forces the students to find part-time jobs to fund all these activities. Juggling between a job and classes can prove to be a hard task. That is why most of them get undergraduate academic essay help to help for tutoring. Instead of quitting work, they choose to get college academic help.


The cost of education continued to escalate and was it not for the cheapest essay writing services most of the students would quit school. This is not good for the society. Other students try to balance between school and marriage, parenthood and other family responsibilities. This makes it extremely difficult to undertake all the required college activities.


The value of academic papers cannot be justified

The value of most academic papers is questionable. No one can explain the skills that they influence on the student. Most contemporary jobs do not actually require most forms of writing required in academic essay writing. This forces the company hiring to train fresh graduates all over again, on how they want their work done.

Also, there is no need of doing all the research all by yourself.  Nowadays you can find information on nearly every topic you need on the internet. This makes a lot of students question the relevance of these papers.


There is more to your course than academic papers

It will be useless if you pass in your assignments but fail in the major exams in your course of study. The most important part of every course is not even the assignments so why not get undergraduate academic essay help? Eventually, you must study hard for your exams, and you might learn more than that student who attended all classes.


When students sit for their exams, those that have not absorbed anything in their course of study fail miserably.


In conclusion, this article gave you the reason why you should not feel awful because you used college essay paper writers online to assist you do your assignments. It is an opportunity to shine in your studies while seeking some extra cash.


Of course, you need to stay on course and grasp all of the assignments. Sometimes, you need to do your part of attend your classes and allow the lecturer to guide you through.


If it is right for you, then do it. All you have to do is to remember to compensate that time by reading hard for your final exams.

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