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Top 7 components of a Healthy College Students

Top 7 Tips Healthy College Students

College life opens up an opportunity for more freedom and responsibility for you. With freedom comes responsibility. Like most people, college students need to learn to balance the freedom and responsibilities in college. Not only does this assure you of a good grade, it makes you all rounded.

As you join college student life, you should be aware that it is not all about education. The main purpose of joining college is for education but this should not prevent you from exploring other things. Again, you do not want to have too much on your plate and end up enjoying none. It is therefore important to balance all the activities.

  1. Eat right

College Students!

We strive to help college students live healthy for academic success!

A balanced diet goes a long way in maintaining a healthy body. When you are healthy, you rarely get diseases. Your studies and college can be affected by diseases. Apart from eating a balanced meal, eat in moderation and include a variety of food.

Most college students skip breakfast when they have an early morning class. Breakfast is the first meal of the day which gives you the energy to start off your day. If you do not take it, you might end up overeating during the day.

Make sure you do not miss meals. Even as you eat, choose healthy meals as opposed to junk stuff. If you like eating between meals, carry healthy snacks with you at all times. It could be in form of a fruit or a healthy salad or sandwich.

  1. Relax

There are so many reasons why college students can be stressed up. First, we’ve the change from being at home to being far away from home. The responsibilities can be a lot if you are not used to them.

College is also different from high school. It’s a stage of life that requires so much from you. You need to make a lot of decisions which were not necessary before. It can be a bit hectic and that is a normal part of college life.

It is however dangerous to allow yourself to be stressed up. Hypertension and blood pressure develop from a build-up of stress.

To avoid such consequences, pick a hobby, take regular breaks from stressful activities, watch a movie, catch up with friends, take a walk or engage in something that you like. This will take your mind away from the stressful situation. If it’s too much, talk to someone about whatever is bothering you.


  1. Be open minded

As mentioned, college does not revolve only around education; there are many aspects of it. College students are more opinionated, and their character and personality are more developed. That means that their discussions reveal their personality a lot.

Since it is impossible to choose your classmates, dorm-mates and the people in your college, to be on the safe side be open to their different personalities. They have all come from different places and so their reasoning will be different. Learn as many positive things as you can from them.

When you are open-minded, then you are able to interact better with people.

  1. Time management

The main reason for joining college was for education. So, you must find out how to set time aside to concentrate on your studies. Your assignments, course work, discussion groups and education related matter should not be neglected.

Study when your concentration is high. Is you are a morning person; take advantage of the mornings and vice versa. Join discussion groups to widen your understanding in the subjects. Remember your lecturer is ready to help where you get stuck. Reach out to them when need be. Do not be afraid of them. College students who manage their time properly, have no regrets with their college life.

  1. Sleep well

An adult should sleep for seven to eight hours. When you do not sleep well, you become unproductive. It affects your academics and relationship with others. It can also lead to fatigue, weight gain or loss, reduced brain function, and headaches.

Setting a sleeping time is important. Did you know that the rate of productivity reduces after midnight? It, therefore, does not make sense why you should be up at that time. You can stay up late or all night once in a while but be careful not to make it a habit. When you are alert, then you grasp things more easily.

  1. Establish a routine

In college, you do not have bells to remind you when lessons end. Your mother is no longer around to help with laundry or prepare breakfast for you. So what do you do? Life has to continue.

A daily routine can save you time and inconveniences. Planning your daily activities the day before will help you to achieve a lot. This is where the balance between independence and responsibilities play out.

When you establish a routine, then you will not have back logs. Again, it will be easier or you to adapt to college life.

  1. Exercise

Exercise contributes to maintaining a healthy metabolism and it keeps you healthy. You can enjoy free or paid exercises in college. Walking to class is a free exercise or even jogging in the morning. Swimming is also an exercise but can also be a hobby and a sport.

In some colleges, the gym is free or subsidized. Exercises also give you an opportunity to bond with other people. Remember a lot of activities in college lead to interaction with new people. You can never tell how you will need each other in life.

College is definitely fun to be at. It’s a place where you develop your character. College is also;

  • a place for growth
  • to form meaningful friendships
  • set a path for your career
  • a place where your character is molded

You should not depend on the choices that other college students make. You are unique; you have an independent mind and yes, you can! You can have a healthy college student life and attain a good grade. All you need to do is to balance the freedom and responsibility. You will be good to go.

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