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Time Management as a Student

4 Tips on Effective Time Management as a Student

Time is of crucial importance to students. By managing their time properly, students can balance between their studies, assignments and social life. It is agreed that the skill of time management is a critical one in the development of students, and it is, therefore, advisable to check out some ways of managing your time as a student. This article outlines tips that have been known to help students develop their time management skills.


Identifying Things to do

The first step towards effective time management is identifying the things to be done. It is important for successful education in college. Students should start by noting down the things to be done and the time available to do them. It will form the backbone of the strategy of managing. This will determine the time allocated to each particular activity. It is critical that the student takes the time to identify the activities correctly and list them according to urgency and priority, to avoid allocating too much time to activities that require less time and vice versa.


Creating a timetable

Once the events have been correctly identified, the student should then embark on the establishment of a timetable. It is a timed schedule that will guide the student on what to be doing at a particular time. with its importance as a time management tool, the timetable should be prepared carefully and should be balanced. The student should be ready to follow this schedule strictly, abiding by the set time frames without any alterations unless they are extremely necessary.


Being Realistic

When planning a program, the student should be realistic. It typically means the student should never allocate time that will not be available for a particular activity. Time management is all about managing the realistically possible time to achieve individual goals. It would make absolutely zero sense to plan a timetable that pushes you too hard for you to follow it.


Personal Discipline

Discipline is one of the key factors in managing your time. It is all about how disciplined a student is since following of a timetable is dependent on the student’s own willingness to adhere to it. To achieve effective time management; a student must be disciplined and ready to sacrifice a few things here and there.


Avoiding Distractions and Procrastination

It is important to understand that for you as a student to achieve effective time management, you must be able to distinguish between things that are of importance to the cause, and those that are not. Those that are not important are distractions, and should be avoided. Another habit to avoid is procrastination. Once a student delays a particular activity and uses the allocated time for something not relevant to the timetable, the very idea of managing time gets lost.

Procrastination is said to be the thief of time, and to manage time properly, this is a habit that should be shunned. It is crucial always to use your time doing the things that are important, as it is the mark of good management of time.

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