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Thesis Statement

5 Ingredients that Make a Delectable Thesis Statement for your Argumentative Essay

What do you do if you happen to watch a breath-taking movie trailer? Would you not try your level best to get your hand on the full movie? Such is the case with thesis statement!

If you love movies, you definitely would want to.

Now, a good thesis statement is like a good movie trailer – it gives the reader the highlights of the important point of an essay and makes them want to dig further into the essay.


Apart from keeping your readers glued to the text, it will help you keep you as the writer focus. A good thesis statement prevents you from being tossed hither and thither in a convoluted and directionless argumentation.

Now, what are the ingredients that make a good thesis statement that will suck your readers into your essay?

    1. Your argumentative essay thesis statement should not be too broad

In fact, it is important to stay focused.

If you bring out an argument over a broad topic in the essay, chances are you may get confused. You may lose not only the direction but also the purpose of the essay.

Do not write “Cosmetics are to blame for the rising number of skin cancer incidents in women around the world.”

While it’s true that cosmetics are known to cause skin mutations, there are other skin cancer triggers like exposure to intense UV radiation that may part of the equation.  And, that makes the statement nearly impossible for you to defend.

  1. Make the topic debatable

Do not write “60% of Americans consider Pit bull dog breed as super aggressive and unfit for keeping as household pets.”

Yes, it is true a vast majority Americans don’t like Pits. But, the statement is too factual to be debatable

An argumentative thesis statement should be debatable.

Something like “Pit bulls are more aggressive than the German shepherd and thus make the best dog breed for use by authorities in search and rescue missions” leaves a window for debate.

  1. Pick one side and stick to it

You can never win by fighting on both sides of the duel. Likewise, convince your readers especially with argumentative essays, you have to pick your side and stick with it.

Don’t write, “Excessive alcohol consumption is responsible for death and other ills in the society. Authorities should enact legislation to curb excessive consumption of alcohol but also make sure that they don’t get in between revelers and their fun.”

Now, such a wish-washy statement will leave your readers puzzled and confused.

  1. Your claims should be supported later in the essay

A thesis statement gives a summary of your thought-provoking claims. But those claims should be supported with well-researched evidence during the course of the essay.

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