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Thesis Proposals

Write my Thesis Proposal; 3 Reasons You Can’t Write Winning Thesis Proposals

Writing good thesis proposals can be a daunting task for first timers.  I remember the first time I was required to write one. I could not figure out where to start.  It took me a lot of time – researching online and attending various workshops before I could write a paper that could make sense in the academic circles. At some point I thought, “who can I pay to write my thesis statement?”.

It was a tough task for me.

The above clip is a presentation on how to write a thesis proposal!

Unfortunately, nowadays, students do not have the luxury of time that we enjoyed those days.

Side hustles and electronic gadgets are taking the better part of their time these days, leaving little time for research.  Although a quick Google search may give a student a few “how to” tips for writing thesis proposals such as:

  • Introduction that captures the reader’s attention.
  • Problem statement
  • Writing a background that captures the readers
  • Writing the significance of the study that focuses on the benefits of your study not the research problem.
  • Methodology, literature review, stating your hypotheses, scope and limitations…

That may not be enough.

You need to do more to beat all the challenges that may prevent you from writing better.

  1. Beating linguistic challenges

Writing grammatically sound thesis proposals is by far the biggest challenge most students face.

Most students and especially ESL students grapple with spelling and punctuation issues. If you lack a mastery of the language you are required to write your thesis proposals in, then you are in problems.

Mastering the rules of writing formally in a particular language takes time. It’s even harder for the non-native speakers. That’s why you need to prepare early; as early as the time you join a graduate school.

Then there is diction.  If you want to develop your vocabulary, you need read widely.  Thesis proposals put your wordsmith into test.   You will be evaluated by a panel of examiners. And, if your examiners bump into poorly spelt or placed word, your grades will suffer.


2. Poor student preparation

Prepare. Prepare. Prepare.

Your supervisor may want to help you, but you need to have done your part. Graduate school students are deemed to be intellectually capable of discerning on their own on what is acceptable.

And, one way of achieving that is by familiarizing yourself with what is required of you to write effective thesis proposals.  That means adequate preparation can never be understated.


3. Shunning collaborative writing

I always find the idea that your thesis proposals or academic papers must be truly original, quite stifling.  As much as the academic world puts more emphasis on “originality”, collaborating with your friends could add a spark to your writing.

Besides,  what is so interesting about all this is that even the works that are regarded as “original” are  built around others  people’s work. That means, just getting seated and wait for inspiration from, well, God knows where, would be a lonely and unfruitful vigil.

Many students find it hard to write winning thesis proposals and to some extent a tad bore. Probably you feel the same way and need write my thesis proposal help online.  can help you achieve that.


Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100
Use the following coupon code :