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The Strategic Marketing Plan of SKETCHERS

The strategic marketing plan of sketchers.
1. executive summary
2. summary of assignment 1.
3. Marketing plan
(1) Marketing objectives : Sketchers has been accused from customer before about excess advertisement. so their image has been damaged. so they have to be clear it. + SMART Objectives
(2) Shaping the market offerings, delivering and communicating value: -The marketing objectives for this campaign will then need to be translated into specific strategies and tactics for each element of the marketing mix (the 4 Ps). Whilst you need to be reasonably specific here remember you are constrained by a word limit and we are really looking for evidence that you have considered each of the elements and that you know how and why each suggestion fits with your overall objectives and goals for this campaign and how the elements fit with and complement each other.
4. Nowadays social network media is so famous , for examples Facebook or youtube, their many pages can offer many information about exercise. Skechers can operate their own page about exercise for who buy their stuff.
5. Input is big. and If the customer doesn’t have interesting, It will be risk. then they held some competition, so customer can upload their own video of exercise or management skills. and skechers give some prize to them.
6. conclusion.

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