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The Role of Religion

Read primary sources 4.1, 4.2 and 4.3 on pages 152 to 154. What is role of religion in each text? What does that suggest about religion as a unifying force within each region?

Module 3 Study Guide
Chapter 4
1. How did Darius I ensure that the satraps actually sent the central government of peripheral provinces?
2. How did the Persians integrate their multiethnic empire?
3. What was a consequence of dualism in Zoroastrian beliefs?
4. What were the consequences of the defeat of the Persians at Thermopylae and Salamis in 480 BC?
5. How did the geography of the Phoenicians’ location benefit them?
6. What is considered an achievement of the Phoenicians?
7. What is the origins of the Kshatriya caste?
8. What were the jobs of the Brahmans in the Indian caste system?
9. What provided the primary unifying structure for South Asian societies?
10. What is considered a major weakness of the Zhou Dynasty?
Chapter 5
1. What did Confucius think led to a harmonious existence?
2. Describe the teachings of Confucius.
3. Compare Confucianism and Daoism.
4. What were the beliefs of Jainism?
5. What were Laozi’s beliefs about government?
6. Which part of South Asian society had the greatest opposition to Brahmanic claim to moral authority?
7. Compare Mahavira and Siddhartha Gautama.
8. What did Buddha consider the way to reach nirvana?
9. What was the main source of slave labor in the Mediterranean region?
10. Which Greek philosopher believed the key to understanding lay in the accumulation of knowledge and facts?
11. What are the Four Noble Truths in Buddhism?
12. How did the Chavin people organize their societies?
13. How did the Chavin achieve cultural unification among its isolated communities?
14. What specific problems faced Eastern Zhou China in the Spring and Autumn period (722-481 BCE) and Warring States period (403-221 BCE)? How did Confucius and Master Lao’s Daoism address these issues?

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