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The Physician Practice Business Plan

The Physician Practice Business Plan is a continuous document to focus on a practice business strategy, developed and written by each student. A portion of the Physician Business Plan is written during this week.  6 pages in length in excluding title and references pages with 5 scholarly peer-reviewed references. This paper will follow APA format and standards.


Background information: A Physician Practice Business Plan can serve as a “blueprint” for those physicians who are planning on opening up a practice, physicians and class employees who are already working in a physician practice can compare their Physician Practice Business Plan to the organization’s own. Last, for those physicians’ who will be interviewing and asking questions at a prospective physician practice; this information will be useful in your decision-making.


As the practice leader, write a realistic Physician Practice Business Plan# 1. One research paper  is due pertaining to a Physician Practice Business Plan for your Medical Group. These assignment will building this week in your physician practice management knowledge, synthesizing it into a Physician Practice Business Plan. Discuss the below areas this week as part of your Physician Practice Business Plan:




Type of Practice/Location/Office Hours/Accessibility (after hours, weekends; patient mode of contacting the office – duty day and after hours)


Write a Mission Statement


Write a Vision Statement


Write Value Statement


Services Offered


Develop Standards


Select Accountable Care Organization Model: (IDS, MSGP, PHO, IPA, or VPO) Why?


Information Technology (what other IT will the office feature besides EMR/EHR?):


Facilities Management


Purchasing and Supply Management


Quality Improvement and the Effective Medical Group (Identify issues requiring monitoring to improve):


Opportunities, Risk and Vulnerabilities


Barriers to Success


Measuring Success

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