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the effect of Dementia on the Brain and Nervous System, Patient’s function

1. What are the major symptoms, prognosis and dental implications of this patient’s primary conditions?
2. What are the major actions, side effects, and dental implications of the medications this patient is taking?
3. What other information would you want to obtain about this patient prior to treatment? Why would the information you want to gather be useful?
4. How would this patient’s ability to have dental treatment be different if her conditions were more or less severe? What if she was younger or older?
5. What alternative treatment plans are possible for this patient?
6. What general approach do you recommend for providing treatment and maintaining good oral health for this patient? Include information about how you would modify a normal treatment plan to best treat this patient, what setting would be best for treatment, would any medications be advised in addition to her normal medications, any other considerations for providing optimum prevention and treatment services.
7. Can this patient realistically maintain the restorative treatment planned? What steps could you take to ensure the best possible chance that the patient can maintain the treatment they receive given their specific risk/problems?

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