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Term Paper Formatting

College term paper formatting (MLA)

Term paper writing is a fundamental part of every student’s college life. It is a part of the study, and as such, every student should possess term paper formatting skills. The process of a college term paper formatting is a pretty simple one, provided the student follows the ground rules. This article seeks to outline the basic term paper formatting rules, to make easier for students to understand. These rules are based on the MLA referencing style guides, and they include:

Appropriate to be Paper Used

Term paper formatting should be done using white paper. It is advisable not to use erasable paper for the essay final draft, due to its tendency to smudge and destroy the quality of the text. In the case where an erasable paper is used, a good photocopy should be submitted.

Paper Margins

It is required that a one-inch margin should be left all around the text. The indentation of paragraphs in term paper formatting should be a half inch, and set off quotations should have an indentation of a full inch from the decisive margin.

Spacing in College Term Paper Formatting

Ideally, all term paperwork should be double spaced. The spacing rule applies to all the text in the journal, including all the quotations and list of cited works.

Paper Title and Heading

It is not essential to have a title on a research paper. However, in college paper formatting, the author’s name, the name of the instructor and other details including the course name and dates should appear at the top of the first page. These details should be at the left-hand margin, and should all be on separate, double spaced lines.

Where the writer includes a title or heading to the paper, the rules of double spacing should be strictly applied. A title that goes beyond one line should be double spaced between the lines, with an additional double space between the title and the beginning of the text. Titles should never be underlined or written in capital letters. The author should ensure that only the first, last and primary words of the title should begin with capital letters.

Numbering the Pages

In college term paper formatting, all the pages in the manuscript should be numbered consecutively. The numbering process starts with the first page, and the numbers are placed in the upper right-hand corner of each page, with a half inch allowance from the top of the page. When using a word processing software, the process of numbering can be greatly simplified by using a running head. It is prepared when setting up the paper outline and adds great convenience in maintaining the margins and double spacing rules. The writer should be keen to ensure that there is no abbreviation or any other mark before the number.

Figures and Tables

In college paper formatting, all tables are labeled ‘Table’, and issued with Arabic numerals. All captions should be flush to the margin on the left-hand side. All images, charts, graphs and any other illustrative material should be labeled as figures, with proper numbering and captioning.

Binding the paper

When presenting the paper, it should be simply bound by stapling the pages together. This system should only change with specific instruction from the instructor. Term paper formatting depends on the size and nature of a paper.

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Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100
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