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Team Project Manager

Team Project Manager:

Post your team’s presentation here. Carefully identify the Team Number and Team Project. Attach the PowerPoint file. Only one person needs to post the presentation for the team!

Team Members:

As per the presentation instructions, reply to your own team’s presentation by answering the following questions –

  • How did you contribute to the overall success for this lab? Be specific.
  • What documents did you complete throughout each lab and how did they contribute to the overall success of the final presentation/deliverable?
  • What are two things your team did well throughout these labs?
  • What are your two biggest “take-aways” from this lab? (AKA: what are two things you learned about yourself, working in a team, or delivering a polished final project?

Review two other team presentations. Reply with the following comments –

  • STATE TEAM NUMBER & PROJECT NAME (of the team you are responding)
  • After reviewing the PowerPoint presentation, what stood out to you in terms of the work produced to complete this lab? Why? Be specific, citing slide numbers.
  • After reviewing the deliverable, how are you personally influenced by what was created?
  • How will this project benefit the stakeholders? What significance does this project have?
  • What did the project team do well to execute this project? Citee at least one reference from the criteria listed in the text to support your response.
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