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Irish Republican Army

Irish Republican Army Please read more on our essay writing services here! Per the text, by 1962, the Irish Republican Army (IRA) had all but ceased operating. In 1969, a Catholic civil rights movement had engulfed Northern Ireland when Catholics demanded the same rights as Protestants. The Northern Ireland government reacted to the movement with […]

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Supreme Court Decision

Please read more about our essay writing services here.   Assignment #1 Office of the President of the United States 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Washington, D.C. 20500     Dear Cabinet Member: Prior to the next cabinet meeting you must submit a report on your highest priority program. The purpose of this report is to inform […]

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Statistical Concepts

Statistical Concepts Please read more about our writing services here. The purpose of the paper is to assess your understanding of the main statistical concepts covered in this course and to evaluate your ability to critically review a quantitative research article.  The exam will consist of two parts: Part I includes three essay questions and […]

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Culturally Responsive Educator’s Perspective

Culturally Responsive Educator’s Perspective Please read more about our writing services here. INSTRUCTIONS The following case studies incorporate many of the issues, facts, and topics considered in this course. Thoughtfully read/watch and consider the challenges embedded in each situation. Then write an expository essay response to one of the scenarios. Your essay should be informative, […]

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Descriptive and Inferential Statistics Applications Presentation

Descriptive and Inferential Statistics Applications Presentation Please read more about our writing services here.   Grading Criteria: Descriptive and Inferential Statistics Application REVISED Descriptive and Inferential Statistics Application Presentation LSAS Scores Data Set for Statistics Application Presentation Liebowitz Social Anxiety Scal   Complete the University of Phoenix Material: REVISED Descriptive and Inferential Statistics Applications Presentation. […]

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Existentialism and human emotions

Existentialism and human emotions Please read more about our writing here. Please study the syllabus for the non-negotiables.  Please have fun writing your essay.  Have a thesis that unifies your entire essay.  It can be personal, if you like.  Make sure it’s existential in nature, somehow.  Be sure your essay is organized and written in polished, grammatically […]

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Historical site visit and research paper

Historical site visit and research paper   The purpose of this assignment is to teach you how to prepare to visit an historic site and to acquaint you with a Tennessee historic site.   Paper requirements:  3-5 pages in length, meaning full text and not including title page, headers, and reference page.  You must have […]

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Persuading Juries

Persuading Juries During recitation in the last week of the semester, you’ll be asked to write another essay.  As you now know, fifty minutes doesn’t provide much time to write something you’d be pleased with, so, as before, we’re providing the topics a week in advance.  Your job, now, as last time, is to: read […]

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Bleeding Kansas

Bleeding Kansas After reading about “Bleeding Kansas” In your text, read the speech Sumner gave on the floor of the Senate.   Respond to it in this way, Why did Preston Brooks beat him so mercilessly? What you need to keep in mind at this point is that, at this point in time, slavery is […]

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Conflicting Viewpoints Essay

 Conflicting Viewpoints Essay Synthesizing and Writing When looking for information about a particular issue, how often do you try to resist biases toward your own point of view? This assignment asks you to engage in this aspect of critical thinking. The assignment is divided into two (2) parts. For Part I of the assignment (due […]

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