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Sociological Theories

Assignment Instructions


General Instructions for Assignments and Rubrics
All assignments should be written in Word and uploaded as attachments within the Assignments section of the classroom.  Use Times 12 pt. font and double-space (Arial 11 is also okay).  Be sure to put your name and class information on the document and put your name on the file.  Insert page numbers.  Assignments will be graded using a rubric appropriate for your class level.

Graduate Rubric 500-600 Level
Specific Instructions

For this paper you will apply the theories of socialization, interest convergence, and behavior to analyze a particular case study.

The requirements for this project will mirror the requirements for all graduate papers. The paper will be typed in 12 pt. Times New Roman, Arial 11, or another standard font, with margins of 1” all around.  It will be double-spaced except where the format calls for single spacing, for example, block quotations and the list of complete citations.  Citations will conform to the Chicago/Turabian format and citations should be in-text parenthetical citations (Author date, page). Here’s the Format of the Paper:

  • Title Page of the Paper. The title of your paper should be brief but should adequately inform the reader of your general topic and the specific focus of your research. Keywords relating to parameters, population, and other specifics are useful. ALWAYS use a Title Page for graduate work!Your title page will include the title, name, course name and number, and Professor’s Name.




Criteria Exemplary       16-20 Accomplished 11-15 Developing        6-10 Beginning          0-5 Total
Synthesis of Knowledge          
Foundation of Knowledge          
Application of Knowledge          
Organization of Ideas/Format          
Writing and Research Skill          

Click on the attachment “GradeRubric” for details about each category of the rubric.

Supporting Materials


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