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Social Policy within a Country

Word Length, 1,000 words.

There is no 10% discretion on word length.

Weighting: 30%


Submission date: Thursday, 19th November, 2015


Students must read the information below, and are expected to do what is set out. Any assignments that ignore the guidance will lose marks and could fail.


WARNING: The use of plagiarism or unfair means is unacceptable. Use the facility on Turnitin to check your work for copying – and allow enough time to do this. The copying of anyone’s work – whether from texts, web-sites, or the work of other students can result in a fail. It is also not acceptable to copy any of your own previous assignments, or work being submitted at the same time on other modules, and this is self-plagiarism, and will show up on the system. Copying is copying, even if you reference. Where plagiarism and/or copying or unfair means is a problem assignments can be failed, or if appropriate, students will be reported for plagiarism.


Discussion of assignments will take place Week 1, and before submission of Assignment One, and Assignment Two. You can also email us any general queries on an assignment.   Sandra and Mark will look at brief assignment plans. These can be written or typed on a sheet of A4 paper, or sent by email. Members of staff will not read, comment on, or mark draft assignments, so please do not ask us to do so.



Marking Criteria


This assignment will be assessed using the grade descriptors for Level 5 for written assignments available on the module site. Assignments with no academic content or referencing will fail. Work that is heavily plagiarized or copied will fail and can also be referred for investigation.


Learning Outcomes


On successful completion of this assignment students will be able to meet the following two learning outcomes, though there may be greater emphasis on learning outcome 1 in this assignment: –


  1. Develop and demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of social policies in countries outside of the United Kingdom.
  2. Recognize the influence of the European Union, and the wider international agenda on social policy developments.



Assignment Brief


Using a range of sources critically analyse an area of social policy from the list below, within a country, outside of the UK. This means you cannot write about any of the four countries of the United Kingdom. You must select one topic from the list below, but can then choose which country you write about. This assignment should be as current as possible, so limit your work to the last ten years. Relevant policy that comes before this can be incorporated, but summarized briefly.


List of Topics


  • Employment (also referred to as ‘activation’)
  • Family policy
  • Caring of older People, or disabled people.
  • Health Policy





Your title will be:


A critical analysis of [. . . . .] policy in [. . . . .]


Fill in the blanks with your chosen topic, and the country you are writing about.


Do not leave the brackets in the title! The title of your essay must be on the first page. You will lose marks if there is no title.


Structure and Presentation of your work


  • Set a left-hand and right-hand margin.
  • Use double or one-and-a-half line spacing.
  • Do not use headings.
  • Your title must indicate what you are writing about.
  • Your introduction should state what the essay is about.
  • You will lose marks is there is no introduction, or conclusion.
  • Your work should be planned in a logical order, and the discussion should flow.
  • Assignments must be referenced appropriately throughout, with a full list of references at the end.
  • Ensure that there are no proof errors that your work is grammatically correct, and that content is clearly expressed.




Assignment Guidance


Make sure that you can find sufficient material on your chosen area to enable you to complete this assignment.   There is no point selecting an area and/or country where there is insufficient information. There will be opportunities to discuss assignments with the Module staff during the module.


This is a short piece of work so you will need to be very focused in your work and select material which is most relevant to your discussion. This assignment is not asking for a list of legislation, and is not a history essay, so should be as current as possible. Remember that policies include strategies, approaches, agreements, and so on, as well as legislation. Some of the areas are quite broad, so you focus on a particular aspect of policy within one of the areas listed, for example, mental health policy, or anti-smoking policy are particular aspects of health policy. You are expected to demonstrate a sound understanding of policy in the area you have chosen. This first essay is not comparative, so do not use up word-space by writing about other countries.   Do provide some assessment/discussion of policy, and do not get bogged down in reproducing too much description and detail of policies. Use evidence and the literature to support your discussion, and include statistical information where available.


Students should refer to the wider policy context, as appropriate, for example, European Union policies/directives, international agendas on human rights, or international agendas on health policies that direct policies at the national level. By doing so, your work will reflect learning outcome 2.



Use of Academic Sources


At Level 5 you are expected to use academic sources to write your assignments. If you do not make use of any academic material your essay will be marked down and you could fail.   Assignments based solely on information taken from web-sites will gain lower marks, and in some instances could fail.


You should reference at least three academic sources for Assignment One in addition to other sources. This does not mean you should only use three sources in total.


Academic sources include:-


  • books
  • book chapters
  • journal articles,
  • research reports
  • statistical information
  • policy documents


These may be available online via journal sites, library electronic resources, or on some web-sites. Newspaper articles or other media content, policy documents, and information from web-sites are also important resources.


Material drawn from web-sites should not completely replace academic material. Assignments based solely on information taken from web-sites will gain lower marks, and where there is no academic content could fail.


On this module, articles from academic journals will be particularly useful in keeping your essays up-to-date, and providing you with the resources to complete this assignment successfully. Some of the introductory texts are a useful starting point for your assignments, but do not rely on these only. You need to read as widely as you can to maximize the marks you achieve on your work.



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