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Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

Electronic mail, commonly known as email or e-mail, is a method of exchanging digital messages from an author to one or more recipients. Modern email operates across the Internet or other computer networks (Borlongan, n.d).

SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is a TCP/IP protocol used in sending and receiving email. However, since it is limited in its ability to queue messages at the receiving end, it is usually used with one of two other protocols, POP3 or IMAP, that let the user save messages in a server mailbox and download them periodically from the server (Mathew, 2005). As is true of most other Internet applications, e-mail is a client/server application. E-mail passes through e-mail servers whose functions are to store, process, and send e-mail to its ultimate destination. ISPs and portals such as Yahoo! maintain e-mail servers to provide email functionality to their customers. ISP’s e-mail server use DNS servers to locate the IP addresses for the recipients of the e-mails sent. Encryption software, such as Pretty Good Privacy (PGP), is used to code messages so that they can be decoded only by the authorized recipients (Evans, Martin & Poatsy, 2010). This is the
basis of how email, instant messaging and VoIP work. Next, there are several ways to use encryption. Web browser and email encryptions are the most common ones. Web browsers automatically encrypt data by using a secure or proxy server. The encrypted site has the identifiable address beginning with https, with the s standing for secure. This server then decrypts the data upon arrival. For emails, use of PGP is the common encryption of choice. This encrypts messages, personal files and folders. Hard drive encryption is also a common type of encryption. This keeps the stored sensitive data secure. Complete encryption of the hard drive, restrict user operator encryptions and creating a dedicated encrypted virtual drive that contains only encrypted data are the three methods for hard drive encryption (Borlongan, n.d.).

Communications between employees and management is critical if a company plans to achieve their objectives. Employees who are informed tend to be more aligned with their company’s beliefs, are more motivated to succeed and take pride in their company.

Some of the challenges that Global Communications has encountered in its negotiations with their employees and their employees’ union is the alienation of the employees. Global Communications kept the strategic planning meetings confidential anticipating that the Board would not approve the outsourcing plan so quickly. As a result of poor communication the employees were forced to discover management’s plans to outsource call center activities and lay off employees through the grapevine. This resulted in the employees’ mistrust of management and will likely result in a decline in productivity.

Apply what you have learned about locating, paraphrasing, incorporating, and citing relevant and reliable secondary source information to complete the following Assignment:

Substantially revise your Unit 6 Assignment and submit it as your Unit 8 Assignment, the Academic Essay. Be sure that your substantially revised Academic Essay meets the following expectations:

Establish and develop a clear main point about your topic that is original and insightful.
Address either a cause or effect of the change or controversy you are addressing, without taking a position or writing to persuade.
Organize ideas logically, demonstrate paragraph unity and connection of ideas through the use of transition devices.
Strengthen and support your ideas through the incorporation of an additional 2-3 relevant and reliable secondary sources from either the KU Library or published on the web.
Apply 6th Edition APA formatting to give credit to all source information and ideas, whether you quote, paraphrase or summarize these sources.
Utilize KU Writing Center resources to format the paper, including the title page, body pages, margins, in-text citations, and references page citations.
Follow the conventions of Standard American English.
This Academic Essay should be 2 – 2 and 1/2 pages long, double spaced, excluding title page and references page. Find out how your instructor will grade your Unit 8 Assignment by reviewing the rubric.

Review a sample student Assignment.

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