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Short Term and Long Term Goals Essay

My Short-Term and Long-Term Goals

In my life, I have always depended on focus to achieve goals that I keep on setting. I believe that failing to plan is planning to fail in life. This strategy is a part of my character as it forms my attitude towards pursuing and achieving different goals in life. I always mix short-term and long-term goals. Some short-term goals are aimed at supporting and fulfilling the long-term goals. I know without focus, planning and the right attitude, success would be hard to achieve.

I always set targets and achieve them no matter what it takes. At the moment, irrespective of the fact that I am concentrating on my studies, I still squeeze my time to research and set some short-term goals. I am currently pursuing two short-living goals. One of the goals is inextricably intertwined with one of my dreams; visiting South Africa.

During my studies, I have learned a lot about how South Africa got independence. I have had interest in how the blacks lived with whites after independence. This delineates from the fact that their independence did not end the era of apartheid until 1994. The fight against apartheid strikes my interests as it can be equated to our own struggle against ‘separate but equal laws‘. Being a student of African-American History, I have always wanted to have a comparative self-initiated study of the difference between the two. My desire is to spend enough time in South African libraries and museums.

Guided by my go-getting attitude, I am determined to pursue of my other long-term goal of becoming an international businessman. Through this, I will be able to study and interact with people from different cultures and societies. I believe that doing business while meeting with new people in their Native lands will help me to achieve my long-term goal of leading a fulfilling life.

I know that without knowledge, my business interests might fail. That is why I will pursue my MBA degree soon. This will give me the best opportunity to learn how business is carried out in different parts of the world. I will, therefore, major in international business.

As I know myself, I will always uphold my positive attitude and focus on anything that helps me to meet my goals. I know I will succeed.

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