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Research Proposal in Public Relations

In this individual assessment task you are being asked to prepare an exemplar campaign tactic and an accompanying explanatory rationale report. The tactic and the accompanying explanatory rationale is due at the same time as the Public Relations Campaign Proposal and each individual Exemplar Tactic must be included in the document.

Referencing: Oxford referencing style


· Overview

Include the tactic. If appropriate include a mock up design to provide your envisaged end product. Briefly describe the tactic, its purpose and how it is consistent with, and contributes to, the overall campaign strategy.

· Goals and Objectives

Outline the campaign plan goals and objectives that the tactic/s is designed to achieve and

Identify the target publics the tactic is intended for.

· Communication Strategy and Effects

Explain what specific communication effects the tactic is designed to create and how it works with other tactics to achieve related campaign goals and objectives. Discuss evidence from your formative research that supports the use of this tactic. This section should include a discussion of how the tactic applies relevant theories covered in this unit. It should also cover relevant aspects such as key messages, source factors, media mix/channel/vehicles and creative considerations.

· Implementation and Scheduling

Outline what tasks and sub-tasks are required to implement the tactic/s and what key milestones in the campaign schedule need to be achieved before the tactic can be implemented and what other tactics/elements of the campaign rely on its successful and timely implementation.

· Budget

Outline the budgetary and resource implications of the tactic. It is allowable to use a skeleton budget eg. $00

· Evaluation

Explain how the tactic is going to be evaluated.

Marking Criteria

In this assessment marking will be based on three criteria:

• Execution and professional presentation

• Demonstrated understanding of how the tactic contributes to the success of overall strategy

• Demonstrated understanding of how theory, research and strategy drive the choice,

development, implementation and evaluation of tactics

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