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Relevant but Admissible Trial

1. Is the scope of discovery limited to relevant evidence that is admissible at trial? Why or why not?
2. Privileged information:

a. Describe attorney-client privilege.
b. Give an example of information that would be privileged.

3. Each party to a lawsuit must make initial disclosures. What must each party disclose and when must this information be disclosed by?
4. What discovery method must be used to take the testimony or obtain documents of a non-party to the lawsuit? How?
5. Why should a party respond completely and accurately to discovery requests for relevant information?
-If a court orders a party to comply or fully respond to discovery requests, what would happen if the party fails to comply?

6. Imagine that a drunk woman, D, drove her car into the parking lot of an East Lansing restaurant, failed to brake, and drove through the wall of the restaurant. Her car killed a young man, P, sitting at a table. P is a citizen of Michigan. The restaurant is located near an interstate highway. There were witnesses both in the restaurant and on the highway. Some of the witnesses are from the State of Wisconsin and return there later that weekend. One of the witnesses, W, took some photos on his iPhone and also observed the accident. P’s family decides to sue D in Michigan federal court (D was from Wisconsin and, thus, there is diversity of citizenship). The case is in the discovery phase, and you need evidence that D was the driver and that the car hit the table where P was sitting.
Can you discover information from the witnesses from Wisconsin? Why? (1 point) – 100 Words

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