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Real Estate Paralegal

Read the article entitled “Saudi: Her Kin Just Left on Trip, Plan to Return”. In the article you read that real estate and land use attorney Alan Ciklin said he’s never seen the adverse possession law used this way. “I don’t think it’s going to work,” he said. “This is just so weird, so bizarre.” Based on what you now know about Florida’s law pertaining to adverse possession:

do you think Chris Noel’s plan will work? Why or why not? What would you advise the al Masri family if they cannot return to the area in the near future?


1.Do you believe real estate paralegals should be allowed to provide services directly to the public without attorney supervision? Why or why not?

2.Would your answer to the above question change if there were state licensing of the profession? Why or why not?

3.What measures would you suggest a law firm implement to assure that a Chinese Wall truly prevents conflict of interest issues or do you believe it is impossible to assure proper protection?

4. E T H I C A L Q U E S T I O N S
Your supervising attorney is representing client CBH Properties, Inc. CBH Properties is in the business of buying and selling real property for investment purposes and has found a commercial property it would like to attain. Rather than purchase the property, CBH Properties wants to do a like-kind property exchange, exchanging one of the commercial properties it presently owns for the one it wants. Your supervising attorney hands you some notes pertaining to the two properties in
question and asks you to research the relevant tax laws to determine whether the proposed transaction will satisfy the statutory criteria to defer the paying of capital gains taxes on the transaction. Your supervising attorney wants you to provide her with a memorandum and copies of all relevant statutes. She needs an answer by this afternoon. You have no experience with tax law and once you begin your research you realize you are in over your head, yet you do not want to disappoint
her. What should you do?

Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100
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