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Psychology Paper

Your task on this assignment is to write a 10page, APA style paper on one topic chosen from the list below.
Your audience for this paper should be an upper-division psychology student. Therefore, you should assume extensive knowledge of psychology, but make allowances for specialized jargon, obscure references, etc. You can assume basic knowledge of psychology but not an advanced knowledge of the history of psychology.
Please choose one of the following topics:
1. Any movement in the history of psychology in relation to a more particular topic.
2. A discussion of any major figure or group of figures and the transformation brought about by his/her or their contribution.
3. An in-depth examination of any minor figure in the History of Psychology not covered in class. A case should be made, using information such as an overlooked contribution, for his/her inclusion in a course such as this one.
4. Choose a side on a major issue in the History of Psychology and argue your case using as much historical and research evidence as possible.
a) Demonstration of an understanding of the issue/topic and its scope
b) Clear statement of your thesis and goal(s) for the paper
Body of the Paper
c) Coherent presentation of literature and or your position on the issue as well as the opposing position (if applicable)
d) Use of references to provide supporting arguments/evidence
e) Summation of information/argument presented
f) Discussion of problems, future work needed, ramifications, applications, implications, etc.

) Proper adherence to APA style (including, but not limited to, title page, abstract, citations and references page).

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