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Product Marketing

1.What is their relationship with the category and the product itself?
(How does the target audience think and feel about the category. What are the trends and triggers in the decision to engage with the brand? Specifically how does the target think and feel about our type of product. What are the reasons, motives to use this product, brand or service)

2.What is the key insight into the target audience?
(What is the key insight into the way the target audience lives their life and what the product, brand or service can deliver)
Hint: What is needed here is a very direct sentence (or two) that gives the reader the most important insight of this target consumer with regard to the campaign. This is something that is new and not what everybody would already know (avoid clichés!)

3.What is the target markets relationship with media
What media do they use and what is their relationship with each media (i.e. What do they use it for)?

4.What media we must include?
Some of these will be mandatory (ie what the client has stipulated). But also outline where you think other media are necessary.
Hint: Watch out for unrealistic media directions. Which media do you think best suit what you are hoping to achieve with your advertising campaign? Provide some reasoning. Think about the section above to decide.

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