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Privacy Policy and Refund Policy

Purpose and Scope

This Website (, referred to in this privacy policy as the “Company”, complies with applicable regulations and laws with related to the collection, storage, and processing of personal information in countries where it has established presence. The privacy policy outlines the fundamental principles adhered to by the Company when processing your personal data. This privacy policy additionally outlines your responsibilities arising from processing personal data.

The Company will not knowingly attempt to receive or solicit information from persons under 16 years of age.

The Company understands and acknowledges your awareness and diligence with regards to personal privacy interests. This privacy policy outlines the practices and policies related to the collection and use of personal information and highlights your privacy rights. You are advised to check this privacy policy regularly as the Company may be updated it from time to time as it continues to improve its privacy policy.

Company’s Website

The Website is under control and management of the Whizzacademics, and is hereinafter referred to as the “Website” and may collect information or data for business purposes.

Definitions of Legal Basis for the Processing

Consent – Your acknowledgment and agreement to allow the Company to collect, store, and process your personal information.

Contract – The justification for processing personal information is based on the existing contract between you and the Company or the request by the Company for you to enter into that contract.

Legitimate Interests – The justification for processing your data or information is necessary and based on the interests of third parties for as long as those interests are not outweighed by your interests and rights. Some of their legitimate interests include:

  1. Learning from your behavior when browsing the Website
  2. Developing, delivering, and improving the Website
  3. Helping the Company to customize, enhance, or modify the Website and services offered through the Website
  4. Analyzing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns
  5. Increasing data security

Consent Rule

You are free to email the Company at and inform it about your intention to withdraw the consent to process your personal information at any time. In case you decide to withdraw your consent, please note that the Company will not have any other obligation or legal basis in terms of processing your personal information, and as a result, will not process your personal data. In case the Company requires further processing of your personal information, the Company will continue doing so, but for as long as such action or activity will not interfere with your personal rights and interests.

The Responsibilities of the Company

If you open an account through the Website by registering as a user or a visitor, you allow the Company to act as a “Data Controller” of your personal information. This automatically gives the Company the ability to manage your information in accordance with the terms of this privacy policy.

Your Responsibilities

Please read this privacy policy carefully and ensure you understand it clearly.

In case you supply the Company with personal information related to a third party individual, the Company will only use this information only for the original intention that led to the supply of this information. Sending this data to the Company means that as a sender, you give the Company right to dispose the information, or process it on your behalf, and in accordance with the terms and conditions of this privacy policy. As a result, you are advised to always ensure that you treat your personal information securely and confidentially.

Collected Data

An interaction between you and this Website is an opportunity for the Company to collect data. The Company collects your personal information using the Website when you browse any page of this Website, when you receive services through the Website or use it in any other way, and when you receive personal communication through email from the Company. The Company additionally collects data and information from you when you chat with a customer representative of the Company or when you opt-in to receive marketing communication through email.

The type of information collected by the Company and generally falls under the following data categories:

  1. Information that can be used to identify you personally including your first name, your last name, telephone number, address, and email address.
  2. Information used to identify your IP address including the type of browser you are using, login information, types of plug-ins used by your browser, your time zone settings, geolocation information to identify your location, and the type and version of your operating system.
  3. Information that can be used to identify your patterns when using this Website (for example, the path you choose to take when browsing the Website), page response times, the services you view on this Website, any download errors, the duration of your stay on web pages, you activities when viewing or interacting with any section of the Website, how often you interact with the Website, and much more as well as other options.

The Company implements a strict data management policy when collecting your information and processing it through its employees and contractors as well as other service providers mentioned below.

The legal bases and purpose for the processing of your personal information

The Company processes your information in order to:

  1. Provide you with the highest possible service
  2. Legal basis (contract, consent, and legitimate interests)
  3. To ensure that the Website continues to operate in the highest possible standards
  4. To manage your requests (such as orders), remembering your personal choices and settings, authentication and login, processing payments, hosting the Website, and supporting backend infrastructure.
  5. Improving your experience when interacting with Website.
  6. Interacting with questionnaires and feedback platforms, testing the Website’s features, optimizing Website traffic, research and data analysis, and heat mapping the Website.
  7. Providing customer support services
  8. Sending you notifications with regards to service changes, resolving or troubleshooting problems
  9. Fraud prevention
  10. Ever-cookies (a type of JavaScript API that offers persistent cookies for use through a browser that helps in identifying account creation)

Your Rights

You have the right to deny the Company your personal information and you may exercise this right at any point in time when using the Website or interacting with any Company representative through the Website. You will not be denied an opportunity to interact with the Website out of your decision to exercise this right. You have the right to delete cookies or turn them off. However, even though you can continue to browse the Website or any of its pages, certain pages or parts of the Website may not work as expected after turning cookies off.

You have the right to exercise any of the following rights by sending us an email at You have the right to access personal information about you especially regarding the categories of data, the purpose of data processing, third parties who have access to your information, the length of time that the Company will store your personal information, as well as any other right related to your personal information.

In case you believe or feel that any personal information held by the Company is not accurate, you can request the Company to make corrections. In addition, you have the right to object to the Company regarding how it uses your personal data for making automated decisions that affect you or profiling you. The Company may use your stored personal information to determine whether it should let you access it (for example, when tailoring communication such as email sent to you). You can request the Company at any time to give you a readable copy of your personal information so that you can hand it over to third parties. You can request the Company to transfer your information to third parties on your behalf long as this is technically possible. You have the right to request the Company to delete your personal information if you believe the information is no longer required by the Company. You also have the right to lodge a complaint against the Company with regards to how it uses your information.


The Company uses the highest possible security standards to collect, store, and process your personal information. The Company additionally maintains strict security policies regards to handling your information with all its employees, contractors, and third-party entities affiliated with the Company. All connections to the Website are secured using highest encryption standards (256 bit SSL). The servers used to store your personal information comply with the latest international security standards. However, you acknowledge the possibility of server errors, that no perfect infrastructure exists, that it is not always possible to transmit information 100% security, and that there is always a possibility of security risks. You maintain responsibility for your login password and information. In case you believe that your privacy has been breached at any point in time, you are encouraged to contact the Company immediately.

Data Retention

The Company will automatically delete your personal information without informing 3 years after the last interaction with the Website.

The Company may rely on derogations as a result of specific aspects of article 49 of the GDPR. The Company minimizes risks to your freedoms and rights by not storing or collecting sensitive personal information about you.


Cookies are pieces of information that are stored by the Website to your hard drive to assist in keeping records. The Company may use cookies to give you appropriate functionality and improved experience when interacting with the Website and aggregating traffic data, for as long as doing so is based on legitimate interests only and does not violate your rights. The following types of cookies are used by the Company:

  1. Cookies that are strictly needed for the Website to work correctly
  2. Cookies allowing the provision of efficient service
  3. Cookies that will help in analytics
  4. Cookies used in advertising

The Company can use this information to improve system performance and analyze your browsing behavior when interacting with the Website. You have options to manage your cookies on the type of device you use and you can delete or block cookies within your device or change privacy features to limit or prevent the Website from collecting or storing personal information. These actions will not deny you an opportunity to continue interacting with the Website.

Refund Policy

In some cases, you may have a right to claim a refund. This means that you can demand a refund in case you receive a paper that did not meet the terms on our website. Certain terms specified herein apply in the process of requesting your refund.

You will get 100% of your refund on the condition that:

You made a payment by mistake. In this case, you are required to report as soon as possible by contacting our customer service. Please note that this may not be possible if a writer has already been assigned to complete your paper.

We have been unable to locate a qualified writer to handle your paper. In this case, you will be refunded automatically after 48 hours.

You no longer need the service you ordered because your deadline has changed, and you believe the writer cannot work with the new deadline. You will be ineligible to receive any materials and you will qualify for a refund.

The percentage of the money you will receive depends on how far the deadline is after you place your order. For example, if 70% of the deadline is left, you will receive 30% of your refund. Please be mindful of the fact that a writer has already been assigned to work with your order and would like compensation for the effort he or she has put so far.

Please note that you will not have intellectual property rights to your product if a refund on your behalf is successfully processed by the company after you cancel your order. If you decide to have the order revised, a 100% refund is not possible.


You do not have an option to claim a refund related to:

  1. VAT
  2. The monetary value we credited to your account
  3. Orders deemed satisfactory to your original terms by our Quality Assurance Department.
  4. Orders processed using money given as discounts, special offers, or bonuses by the Company.
  5. Orders you agreed were completed in accordance with your original instructions.
  6. Orders involving problem solving or multiple choice questions as we assume you will automatically accept answers given by our writers. If a writer fails to score more than 50%, you will qualify for a refund. Your account manager will mediate by determining the value of your refund.

Please consider the following terms when disputing your orders:

Please use factual information to back up your claims.

Dispute resolution takes time. You can speed the process up by communicating with your writer before, and during the dispute resolution process. Please be prepared to hand over, upon the request of our staff, any materials or information as evidence to support your case.

Our Quality Assurance Department handles each case separately after a careful process that considers both your needs and the needs of our writers. Therefore, the value of your refund is not calculated automatically.

You are automatically disqualified for a refund 14 days after your paper was submitted by our writers. Therefore, we advise keeping in touch with your writer and notifying support for any problems in advance before your deadline.

You are automatically disqualified for a refund if you fail to provide supporting evidence 14 days after our staff communicates with you requesting it.

Please note that we shall strive to process your dispute in less than 14 days. To remain eligible for a refund, please provide required supporting evidence or feedback as requested by our staff. If 14 days pass without any reply from you, the dispute will be closed automatically and you will lose your refund.

Once you approve the paper to accept it meets your requirements:

You can request for additional corrections, but you cannot ask for refunds. This is because after approving the order, you have received editable materials that meet your original instructions. To avoid problems, we advise you go through the paper to ensure it meets your instructions. If you experience difficulties trying to review the paper, please contact support and politely request for help.

You understand that you cannot use or submit a paper that is under a dispute. Please note that if our Quality Assurance Department determines you have submitted or used a paper under dispute, your dispute will be closed automatically and you will lose your refund. All materials remain the property of the Company until you mark your order as complete. The company may choose to publish your paper after you reject it and get refunded. Also please note that in this case, you do not have a right to request what the writer had prepared before you filed a dispute.

We do not own or maintain any paper repositories. However, rejected papers may be published online and will link back to our website when checked on Google or using any plagiarism software. This is done primarily to protect the effort of our writers on disputed and refunded papers. The Company may also publish rejected papers and sell them as sample work.


We have put measures to ensure your paper will be written in accordance with your instructions. However, we cannot give you a 100% guarantee that you shall receive the grade you expected. Please note that we do not guarantee the processing of refund requests based on an unsatisfactory grade. To maintain fairness, our Quality Assurance Department will rule on your dispute case strictly based on your original terms and conditions of the paper within your deadline.

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