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Political Science

• Be comprehensive in your response. Address all parts of the questions fully, and demonstrate that you have a complete understanding of the material. A good goal is to write 250-300 words for your response to each question.
• Cite references to the textbook and any other materials you use to support your answer using MLA, APA, or Chicago style citations. Do not plagiarize. Note that Wikipedia is not an acceptable source in any college writing.
• Generate a thoughtful, critical analysis of the content.
• Most importantly, be respectful. Any racism, sexism, homophobia, bigotry, or disrespect of any kind will result in a zero for the assignment. If you are unsure whether what you’re writing is disrespectful, do not write it.
Short Answer Prompt
Q1. In your Unit 3 Video Engager, you learned about the Supreme Court’s involvement in pornography and obscenity laws. First, explain how thefree speech protections in the First Amendment relate to pornography and obscenity. Then, explain the three rules set out by Chief JusticeWarren Burger for determining whether something is pornographic. Last, give your opinion on this three part test and whether you think itadequately balances the need for the protection of free speech with the need to regulate obscenity. Why do you think this?
Q2. Define civil rights and civil liberties. What is the difference between these two terms? Give an example of a civil liberty, and an example of acivil right. What laws, documents, or government institutions are involved in ensuring citizens have protections for both civil liberties and civil rights?
Q3. In your Unit 2 lecture, you learned about suspect, quasi-suspect, and nonsuspect classifications. First, define these terms and give an example of each. Then, explain what the government must demonstrate in order to discriminate against each type of classification. Finally, tell whether there are any characteristics, such as age or gender, that you feel should be in a different classification than they are, and why you think so.

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