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Political Science

1. Describe in your own words what the “Security Dilemma” is, being clear about the logic behind it. What role does anarchy play in this dilemma? How can this lead to an arms race? Can you identify an example of the security dilemma playing out in international politics?
2. According to all realists, who are the most important actors in the international system? Give an example of an actor in the international system you think has been ignored in realism.
3. For Classical Realists, where do laws of social behavior have their roots? Does this agree or disagree with what Daniel Little had to say on the topic of governing laws and phenomenal regularities? Explain why or why not.
4. Considering the Stag Hunt, what does it mean to say that a game is positive sum. In your own words, explain the logic of the Stag Hunt dilemma. How can actors overcome this dilemma?
5. Explain Moravcsik’s three assumptions of liberal theory. In what ways do these assumptions differ from realists’ view of the world?
6. When I say that Classical Realists say states pursue power as an end in itself, what does this mean? What does it mean to say in Neorealism that states pursue power as a means? How does this difference in assumptions about why states pursue power lead to different predictions in their behaviors?
7. Ann Tickner offers a critique of classical realism from a feminist perspective. How does she think that feminist theories view “power” differently than realism? What about how they view and define “security?” Explain her argument for both.
8. Explain in careful steps when and why in Two-Level Games a leader has an incentive to misrepresent their domestic support/opposition as well as the win-set of their bargaining partner? Basically, explain the logic of the theory and how and when it leads us to expect these two forms of misrepresentation.

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