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Political Federalism

Political Federalism

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How to Write Essays on Political Federalism

Writing essays is an interesting, intellectual exercise. It challenges you to come up with thoughtful arguments on to topics regarded as complex, and to the confines of a restrictive word count. Essay writing gives you an opportunity to shine, and showcase your academic writing skills.

Political scientists are generally good writers. And for that reason, professors “bombard’ the students with a lot of writing challenges. For example you might be required to write an essay on political federalism in the US and other essays on different topics, to hone your writing skills.

But when the writing becomes a routine – and you know no one likes to be sucked into the ruts of a routine – it becomes boring.

Other students simply don’t have the skills to write powerful essays that will impress their readers. Or they simply don’t know how to approach essays on from a political science perspective.

Now, are you among the vast majority of the students who feel that they are not up to the mark?  Do you want to gain the necessary skills-set that will take your essay writing to the next level?

Here are few tips that we believe might be of help to you.

Read what other people have written

The best way you can get into the mind of an expert is by reading though their works.  Start with your friends.  Share your essay with them. They may also give you their essays. Take a look at how they have developed their arguments about political federalism in the US.

If possible, you can start a study group that will help share what you have. Our brains learn better from experiences. That means whatever you share in a group sticks better than what you read by yourself.

Also, go to the library. Read essays on a broader variety of topics.  Look at the writer’s style of writing and how they develop solid argumentation. See whether you can develop your own writing style.

Note: it’s very imperative that you develop a critical academic mind. Do not just look at the others people’s essays at the face value.

Interrogate their argumentation. How persuasive are they? Look for other better approaches the writer might have employed to make their essay sound better. Check whether they are adequately cited or not.


Improve on your grammar and your wordsmith

You are an academician. And you will be writing to intellectuals who have more respect for the Harvard coma than the political science they teach. Proper punctuation matters.

You need to use different kinds of sentences – simple, complex, long sentences – but do not let the sentences to be too long.  That might hinder readability.

Develop your vocabulary through reading. Practice good diction. You don’t want your essay to pass the wrong message to the reader. For example, the reader might wonder how political federalism in the US is related to say, withering geo-political influence by the US. Such incidences may drift the readers from the text.

What about your writing tone? Is it interesting and engaging?  Now, when you read through your essay, do you find it absorbing? You need to put up a confident voice that tells the reader that you understand what you are saying.

Steer clear from passive voice. Academic writing is best done in active voice as it makes your writing more compelling.

Top of Form

Read and re-read the essay requirements

Do not take this suggestion lightly.  Okay, it sounds obvious, but the truth is it’s not. You see, a professor drops useful hints when she assigns you a piece of writing.

For example, you when you are writing your essay about political federalism in the US, there are those specific aspects of the federalism she would like you to discuss. You need to focus on that topic. And make sure that your essay explicitly focuses on the topic that has some federal aspect and is potentially problematic.

Sometimes your professor might err in the instruction .That means she may give ambiguous assignments or assignments with contradictory requirements. So, in this case, you will be forced go carefully go through the instructions and seek clarifications from the professor if need be. In these cases it is best to ask the professor what she is looking for.

Organize your work

Many students flunk because of poor organization of their work and ideas. If you wonder from point to point, do you expect someone to read through your work?  Your essay is about political federalism, but you end up discussing completely unrelated point.  If you tack your introduction and conclusion into the main body text, do you expect a bigger score?

Although some seasoned essay writers can get away with a disorganized writing, newbie writers should never emulate them. They know what they are doing. They deliberately kick away some sections of the essay if the rest of the part is strong enough to stand on its own.

Or, the writer could be doing an elliptical writing that approaches the essay from a completely different stand point – indirectly rather than directly.

So that should not scare you or confuse you. Stick to the normal structure you are used to – perfect introduction, body text bearing well-balanced arguments and a conclusion. You need a lot of experience to do an essay that combines both the introduction and the body test in a way that doesn’t raise eyebrows.

If you are not an experienced writer, kindly avoid any clever or non-linear kind of writing. But making an effort to understand different essay structures is not bad.

What about your style of writing?

Now, if you prefer lovely prose, then you have to think twice. Overly embellished language is frowned upon by most political scientists.

That means you don’t need to discuss political federalism in a beautiful or metaphorical language. Historians, unlike political scientists, may have the love for clever verbal constructions but political scientists prefer simple, direct writing. They like to pass their arguments and evidence in a clear and unambiguous way.

Writing a winning academic essay is not as hard as many students think. But it requires a bit of wordsmith and a disciplined mind.

But to write better, you need to understand your professor’s instructions. Ask for clarification where possible.  Remember your intent is to grab the attention of the reader. Ensure your essay is well-structured and discusses the study question in a prose style that doesn’t get in your way of clear thinking.

If you want to tell the readers about political federalism pick a side from which you will be making your arguments. Finally, observe the simple (but often regarded as tricky by newbies) grammar rules.

You don’t have to write a perfect essay but if you follow the above guidelines; you will earn yourself good points.

This is a sample Question on Political Federalism

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Describe an advantage and a disadvantage to a national policy that an agency in the federal bureaucracy must implement. In addition, recommend an option to maintain the advantage and one to improve the disadvantage.
To complete the assignment, save the Week Two Learning Activity Worksheet to your computer, fill it out, and submit it.
Develop a detailed outline of your second main point using the Week Two Learning Activity Worksheet.
1. Federal Policies:
a. Provide a paragraph that briefly describes one advantage and one disadvantage to a national policy that must be implemented by one agency of the federal bureaucracy.
b. Provide a paragraph that recommends one option to maintain the advantage and one to improve the disadvantage.
2. Scholarly Support: (For assistance with your research, the Ashford University’s Library provides tutorials and recorded webinars on a variety of topics. To access these helpful resources look for the links located under the FindIt@AU search box on the library home page. For help with writing, please review the APA Style Aid, and Ashford Writing Center’s Sample Annotated Bibliography for additional help.)
a. Provide two credible sources in APA format to support your main points.
b. Briefly discuss how these sources support your main points.
c. Briefly evaluate your sources for bias, validity, and reliability.
View the POL201 Research Guide for help on how to find and evaluate sources for assignments in this course.

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