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Persuasive Essay On Abortion

Persuasive Essay On Abortion; Persuasive Speech on Abortion

Abortion is one of the most sensitive issues that anybody can write about or discuss. When writing a persuasive essay on abortion, you should  first decide on the position you want to take. You can take the route of a persuasive essay on abortion pro-choice. In this regard, you can argue that the one who holds the pregnancy should decide on the fate of the fetus.

On the other hand, your essay can take a stern position of being against abortion. You can have the pro-life arguments. Come up with strong arguments against abortion. You can refer to abortion speech examples that are free online. Many clerics have stood against abortion for long. Many of them have videos and podcasts of their speeches in conferences and sermons.

If you are going to argue against abortion, your conclusion should touch on the strong points that you have discussed in your essay. It should also make recommendations on what should be done so that many people can stop practicing abortion. You can propose both legal and social solutions to abortion.


Persuasive Speech on Abortion

In speech writing, there are some features that students should show. You must have good persuasive skills irrespective of your worldview. Lets assume that you want to deliver a speech about abortion is wrong. You must have a very articulate persuasive speech on abortion outline. You should have a very good introduction.

In the introduction, you should ensure that your reader understands what abortion is. You should also explain to them all the perspectives that exist. You can also give them a tip on the arguments they should expect. Your abortion essay thesis statement should be strong and persuading.

The conclusion of your speech on abortion should aim at making the reader understand the reasons as to why they should think as you do. You should touch on points that you feel represent the reality. Borrow the strongest facts that your that you presented in your essay.

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