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Persuasive Essay and Speech on Gun Control

Persuasive Essay on Gun Control; Persuasive Speech on Gun Control

When writing a persuasive essay on gun control, you should choose the most arguable gun violence essay topics.Persuasive essays are always double-edged. In this case, you can either choose a pro-gun control persuasive essay or a persuasive essay against gun control.

Gun Control Essay Outline; Gun Control Speech Outline

The introduction of your gun control persuasive essay should inform your readers on what gun control is. It should also have a strong thesis statement. The strength of your thesis statement will determine the ease or difficulty of arguing your essay. If, for instance, you choose; in America, gun violence and gun control policies are strongly correlated, you will have a broad spectrum for your arguments.

Your gun violence essay thesis should be only two sentences. The introduction sentence should present the topic of your paper with precision and clarity. Additionally, the second sentence should briefly introduce your line of argument. This helps the reader to follow your essay. If you confuse the reader at the start, they might not be interested in reading your second paragraph.

The body of your essay should outline facts that points towards the direction you want to take. If you are pro-gun control, take statistics that show gun violence instances that emanated from legal arms. It can be a shooting that happened during a family fallout. You can use cases that have been happening between the police and allegedly legally armed citizens.

On the contrary, if you are an anti-gun control essay or speech writer, you should show instances where lack of access to a gun causes loss of life. You can also cite cases where people had guns and managed to save lives from criminals. You can also argue on personal security scenes where urgent use of gun could be needed. It could be a house break in with no time to inform the police.

Gun Violence Essay Conclusion

Your persuasive essay on gun control conclusion should be short. It should be one paragraph only. You should touch the strongest points that you have mentioned in the body of your essay or speech. The conclusion should be a concise reflection of the whole paper, though in different words. It is recommended for you to make recommendations for future consideration. A recommendation makes your reader feel the worth of reading your essay.

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