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Personal thoughts on “Alice in Wonderland”

Firstly, this is what you will have to do. There is a posting of a “Blog” reading and you will have to write 10-12 sentences of your own personal thoughts or ideas in it.

Secondly, there is attached readings that you will read about “Alice in Wonderland”, and then write a 200 word Journal on your own personal thoughts on the readings. Please note that you Should Not write a summary but your personal thoughts.

Thirdly, there will be a student’s post (reading) that you will have to comment on with your own personal thoughts by writing 10 sentences. It shall say Student’s Post as the heading. Please note that the student will be commenting on the blog reading as well.

Note – that when submitting please put all 3 headings and then your working below it.

BLOG (Write your 10-12 sentences of your own personal thoughts)

There is so much to say about Lewis Carroll and his perfect creation Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. I once taught a semester long course just on Lewis Carroll and never ran out of things to say. SO It’s a little hard to sum it all up in one week. If there is only one thing I want you to realize from this unique book is that it is a book that takes all it’s cues from the Romantics’ ideas against established education and shows the corrupt world of adults through a child’s point of view. If you learned anything from Terry Brooks’ video about fantasy is that fantasy is much more connected to the real world than it seems. Fantasy is a way for writers to make sense of their world and all its contradictions.

Every chapter exposes the ridiculousness and insanity of grown ups through the completely subjective eyes of 7 year old Alice. The reason nothing makes sense in Wonderland is because from a child’s perspective nothing makes sense in their world either. Think about it: children live in a world where everything is HUGE, they are very small and under the complete control of much bigger people who speak a language they don’t know and keep making up rules that make no sense. Just like Alice, children (who are naturally good) try to do the right thing all the time, but just like Alice, end up breaking some weird rule they knew nothing about.

Alice in Wonderland is thought to be the best children’s book that was ever written, but many think it is not really meant for children. Both ideas are true: it IS the most amazing children’s book that kids love, but the lessons in it, in the best tradition of the Romantics, are not meant for children. They are meant to show adults how stupid they are. If there is one thing is does teach children it is not to learn ANYTHING from adults. That is why it is often referred to as an “anti-didactic” novel.

As you read each chapter, try to keep this perspective constantly in mind. It will help you make sense of the craziness and arbitrariness of wonderland. Pick an episode and try to figure out what it is saying about adult society. Chapter 9 for example, is very critical of the educational system in England at the time. Don’t be fooled by the nonsense and silliness of the characters. This book is just as political and serious as Blake’s Songs of Experience.

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