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Online EXAM 1

1)         In our readings both Evelyn Nakano Glenn and Tomas Almaguer have argued that it is insufficient to simply look at the material and structural processes at work to explain how social inequality and power are enacted but that cultural and ideological processes play an equally important function and role in disseminating and firmly entrenching ideas about people and in asserting relations of power.


In your essay analyze and describe the structural and social hierarchical make-up of California society during the mid to late 19th century.  Also analyze and discuss what kinds of beliefs and ideas were used to justify the different class positions of the different groups of people in California society at this time.  Consider racialized, gendered, class based “constructions” and other perceived notions of difference based on religion or science, that was used to establish hierarchical privilege for some while rationalizing or justifying exclusion for others.  (20pts.)


2)         a)  Why does Angela Davis identify the experiences of African American women under slavery as particularly different than that experienced by African American men?  Explain at least 4 differences.   (10pts.)


  1. b)  How did African American women actively challenge and resist the system of oppression they were faced with under slavery?   What strategies of resistance did they use (describe at least 4)?   (10pts.)


3)         The post-Reconstruction period from 1890 – 1920, in the South has been regarded as a time of increased oppression and the turning back of black rights.


Identify and describe 5 ways a system of social intimidation and racial and social economic hierarchy was reestablished in the South during this period.  (20pts)


4)         a)  What is the “myth of the black rapist”?   (10 pts.)


  1. b)  How does Ida B. Wells, subversively manipulate dominant middle-class ideas about race, manhood, and civilization in order to force white Americans to address lynching?   (10pts.)


5)         Compare and contrast the characterizations in Birth of a Nation about life under slavery and in the post-Reconstruction period against historical accounts you have read in this class in Davis, Glenn, and Bederman and consider how race, sex, and gender are used ideologically in the film to reinforce white supremacy in the South?   (20pts.)


6)         Describe 3 characteristics of Richard Wright’s Jim Crow education?  Please support with examples from his memoir.  (20pts.)

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