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Nutrition and the Public Health

compare two cereals’ label, and find out which one is better and good for our body base on the handout I upload later.
Please follow each of the requirement carefully. Thanks!!

1.Note the serving size and number of servings on the top of the label. Does this seem like a reasonable amount of food for a serving?
2.Look at the information listed as subgroups for carbohydrate and list –
(a) dietary fiber (soluble and insoluble if indicated), (b) sugars and (c) other carbs
3. LIST any forms of sugar or artificial sweeteners you find in the ingredients (eg., high fructose corn syrup, sugar, honey, maltose, aspartame, etc.)
4. List vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium and iron per serving – and then look in ingredient list to see if it is fortified with those ingredients or if it occurs naturally. Write down if you see ingredients like vitamin A palmitate, calcium carbonate, etc.
5. Note any food allergens listed in the ingredients on each box/package. (For example: soy, dairy, tree nuts, etc.) (It is also usually listed in bold on the food label).
6. Does the food boast any health claims or gluten-free, less than ____ grams of sugar per serving, etc on it’s label? If so, what?
7.Explain which cereal or bread would be the better choice and why (3 reasons).
8. DEFINE the difference between whole grain, enriched and fortified grains. Does a whole grain product always contain more fiber?

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