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Nursing Project

In Project 2, feel free to collaborate with others in your group to earn

5 POINTS by comparing characteristics of all living things. In addition to

chapters 3, 4, 10, 11, & 12,MICROBIOLOGY BOOK you may also use online search and resources.

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1. (a) Arrange all six Kingdoms from Simplest to the most Complex.

(b) Name the four Kingdoms that have the profile of Microorganisms.

(c) List why the two remaining Kingdoms do not qualify as Microorganisms?


(Why Microbes cannot fit into a single Kingdom)

2. (a) Describe two characteristics shared by EUBACTERIA and ARCHAEA.

(b) Estimate average sizes of Archaea & Bacteria.

3. (a) Differentiate the Kingdom – EUBACTERIA from ARCHAE.

(b) Estimate average sizes of Human and Animal Cells.

4. (a) How are Kingdoms FUNGI and PLANTAE similar?

(b) Why are Fungi and Plants not in the same Kingdom?


(Protista share profiles of other kingdoms but are still distinct).

5. (a) Describe Kingdom: PROTISTA in brief.

(b) Name and describe the Protista that look like FUNGI.

(c) Identify and write a paragraph about Animal-like Protista.

(d) What are Plant-like Protista called? Describe them.


Computer viruses get their names from unusual infectious disease agents

that, unlike other life-forms, do not belong to any known Kingdom! There is

even serious doubt whether they are living things! Chapters 13 & 19 are helpful.

6. (a) How does Microbiology define a Virus?

(b) Why are Viruses sometimes referred as living things?

(c) What is the argument in favor of Viruses as non-living things?

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