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Nueropsychological Evaluation

Assignment Instructions

Assume you are a clinical psychologist who is working with an individual needing a neuropsychological evaluation, but you do not have training in this area. You decide to make a referral to a neurological clinic run by Dr. Sigmund Myers, Dr. Stanford Binet, and Dr. M. M. P. I. Wechsler ll, all neuropsychologists. Dr. Myers and Dr. Wechsler are on vacation, so an appointment is made with Dr. Binet. Based on the required reading for this unit, discuss the following:

  1. Describe what you will tell Dr. Binet about why you made the referral (what are the problems of this individual). These can be any conditions appropriate for a neuropsychologist.
  2. Identify a minimum of two neuropsychological tests Dr. Binet is likely to administer and explain why the tests were chosen.
  3. Justify the tests based on their validity and reliability.
  4. Important: This assignment requires you to choose neuropsychological tests. Neuropsychologists administer tests in many different categories. For example, they might give an intelligence test (like the WISC) as part of a test battery, but it is still an intelligence test. Be sure you choose tests in the category of Neurological Tests.
    • Analyze any potential ethical and legal issues of doing the neuropsychological testing yourself.

    Review the scoring guide for this assessment to fully understand the assessment requirements.

    General Writing, Organization, and Literature Requirements for All Assignments

    General Requirements
    1. Do not copy or use quotes from your sources unless there is no other way of stating an idea. All writing must be your own; paraphrase your sources.
    2. Your statements must be explained so readers know exactly what you mean; assume your readers have not studied the same things as you; your job is to help us understand what you are saying so we do not have to ask for an explanation;
2.Assignments should be in current APA Format, (especially for citations, references, and headings); as long as you make an attempt and show improvement, you will be OK: Progress, not Perfection.
    1. Written communication should be free of errors. The paper should be presented in third person, and should not contain universal and subjective statements.
    2. Submit your work as a Microsoft Word document.
  1. Double-spaced, 12-point font, Times New Roman or Arial.

    Organizational Requirements

    All assignments must include:

    Title page.


    Reference section.

    Headings (it is best to use wording related to the scoring guide criteria).

    Page numbers.

    Literature Requirements

    Literature You Should use: current, peer-reviewed, scholarly research articles from the Capella Library databases. This means that your sources (articles) should be:

    1. The most current information you can find.
    2. No older than six (6–7) years-old.
    3. You can use an older source if:
      • It is a classic study.
      • It is used to show chronology.
      • You have another good reason.

    Literature You Should Not Use :

      • Books or Websites except to support the research articles
  2. Wikipedia or sources like it.
  3. Any work you wrote in a previous course.
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