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Norton Anthology of World Literature: An Analysis

Assignment: choose one text from the Norton Anthology of World Literature. Write an analysis of the text that is at least five pages, with works cited page if applicable. You are not to agree or disagree with the author or evaluate how well the text is written, but to provide as detailed an analysis as possible. You will consider how and why the author chose to write his/her text in the way that he/she did and discuss what you think the author’s message/thesis is, or to analyze the plot of the text if it is a narrative. You should also consider the following points as you write your analysis:

  • structure
  • tone (e.g., humorous, somber)
  • figurative language (e.g., metaphors, analogies, personification)
  • definitions/choice of words (e.g., “sad” vs. “melancholy”)
  • evidence (e.g., statistics, details).
  • other forms of language (e.g., slang, repeated phrases)

You are not restricted to a particular structure, but make sure that your points are ordered in a logical and consistent manner and that you are using complete sentences. You may use any material resources available to you, but you must cite your sources correctly according to whatever citation format you have chosen to work with. Use quotes meaningfully and only as appropriate, and abbreviate or summarize/paraphrase quotes that are longer than two sentences. Grading of your essay will be based on the depth of your insights, thoroughness of your explanations, and clarity of your writing.

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