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New Business Concepts

New Business Concepts



Heel2Toe offers a variety of removable heels at different heights, widths, sizes, colors, and styles for the everyday busy woman.  Our shoes retail for $75 per pair and $35 for each additional set of removable heels. Our styles include flats, boots, booties, any kind of shoe with a heel, sandals, and wedges.  We also offer a completely customizable pair of shoes for $100 that includes any heel, style, or color that the customer would want.  Women can put their extra set of heels in the pouch that comes with every set, which can go directly in your purse so nothing in your bag gets dirty and so both heels always remain together.  With our extensive networks and connections with sororities on campus and various organizations in the community, we know that there is a need for our product.  Through our research and development in shoe design, we have cultivated the perfect combination of high quality and pleasing aesthetics for our customers to comfortably wear.  Heel2Toe has a patent-pending click of a button technology. Our shoes and heels were designed by an Orthopedic surgeon and fashion insider bloggers with a strong online presence.  Initially, we will sell online and hope to progress into retailers like DSW, Target, and Payless.   Our product is going to change the way women look at the shoe industry.  Heel2Toe will show women that it is easy and affordable to have the latest trends.


Target Market and Positioning

Heel2Toe is the ideal product for the stylish and busy woman on the go. Our product transitions from day to night and from work to fun. This product will benefit women who care about their style and convenience. Our demographic consists of girls 14 years old and older.  We plan to have an easy to use online store with images to show product versatility.  Customers will have the ability to virtually mix and match heels with shoes before buying them to see how they look prior to their purchase.


Why Heel2Toe?

Heel2Toe wants to empower women to feel beautiful and fashionable.  Women will not have to carry around a heavy pair of shoes anymore if they want to dress up or dress down. Our product is designed to make women look and feel fabulous at work and at special occasions. Wearing heels all day and at events, like weddings or parties, can be tiring and painful, and our shoes fix that problem.  It’s also beneficial for traveling where women can minimize their packing by taking their Heel2Toe instead of taking several heels and flats. This will help women carry on less luggage during their flights and in their purses in their everyday life.  Heel2Toe wants to revolutionize the shoe industry by giving women the comfort they well deserve.  From housewives to business professionals, our shoes always fit the occasion


Special Features

We want the customer to spend less and look better.  Our customers can go from five pairs of shoes to one pair of shoes with thousands of different combinations and looks, from flats to stilettos at the touch of a button. There is a specialized button that locks the heel into place on every set of heels available, which ensures that the heel will not come out of place on its own.  Each set of heels also come with a pouch, so the customer will be able to carry their heels wherever they go.  Trends are constantly changing, and our product allows women to keep up with the latest trends while staying budget friendly.  Our easy-to-use online store lets our customers create their own style by giving them the option to customize their shoes at their own desires.

I need 4 pages about this company use the other file to do this assignment and whatever you don’t know just makeup numbers if needed from your mind since it is not real company.


Please prepare the following to be in the paper:

  • Company description
  • Company history
  • Mission statement
  • Products and services
  • Current status
  • Legal status and ownership
  • Key partnerships (if any)
  • Market analysis
  • Market segmentation and target market selection
  • Buyer behavior
  • Competitor analysis
  • Estimates of annual sales and market share


Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100
Use the following coupon code :

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