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MLA Cited Papers

How will I write my MLA Style paper? Who Will Help Me?

Modern language Association (MLA) is used in literature, humanities, foreign languages, and English. If my teacher tells me to write my MLA style paper, will I pass the test?

MLA cited papers

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Works cited

The list appears after everything else.  It begins on a new page.  When beginning the list, label it as work cited and then write the sources alphabetically.

Since it is a continuation of the research paper, the numbering from the paper continues. You do not need to use a new or different numbering system.

There is no limit to the number of pages the works cited should occupy. All entries in a MLA cited paper should be double spaced like other parts of the paper.

When writing the citations, they should not be indented. The only exceptions are when the citation goes past one line. The other lines are indented half an inch from the left margin. Some general points to remember for MLA style papers include;

  1. Titles of journals, films, periodicals, and books are all italicized
  2. In MLA, the general format for the date is Day, the Month and the Year. Names of longer months are written in abbreviations
  3. Only the works that have been cited in the paper should appear on the list
  4. If any of the important detail required for the citation is missing, MLA requires that you indicate using abbreviations. If the page number is missing, use, n.pag. If the name of the publisher is missing, write, n.p. in cases where the date is missing, write n.d.
  5. The medium of publication must be included in the works cited
  6. URLs change now and then. For that reason, MLA style papers do not insist on students including them

Citing books

To cite a book, write the name of the author starting with his last name, then the first name. After that, write book title, where the book was published, the publisher’s name, the year it was published and the medium of publication (web or print).

If the book has multiple authors, write the last and first names of all the authors then proceed with the title. There are books which include the editor’s name. In such cases, include the editor’s name after the book title. His first name appears first then the last name.


Citing electronic sources

Electronic sources are cited starting with the name of the author (last then first name), the title, publisher’s name, date of publication, and the day it was accessed on the web. The format for a newspaper is similar to an electronic source but with few changes. When citing, you begin with the name of the author, title of the article, newspaper name, date or year of publication, the page number and finally the print medium.


Journal articles are cited starting with the name of the author, the title of the article, the journal’s title and its volume number, page then the print medium. If the journal article has been retrieved from the internet, the date it was accessed is written after the page number.

Government publications

You can also retrieve information from government publications. When citing, write the Government Agency or author first, then its title, the publication information, date of publication and the print medium. If the publication is accessed via the internet, indicate the web in place of the printing medium.

Other sources: Seminars, speeches, interviews and lectures

Important information can also be gathered from lectures, seminars or speeches. To cite, the name of the speaker is written first, the title of publication, the name of the organization sponsoring the event, location where it happened and the date.

Interviews are citing with the last name of the interviewee appearing first then this first name, and then indicate personal interview and lastly the date the interview was held. Films are cited by writing the name of the director, the name of the performer, the distributor’s name, year the film was released and the name of the film.

Cover page

This is the first page of your paper. For MLA cited papers, this page is not needed. However, some lecturers prefer that students include it.

MLA has come up with some guidelines just in case the page is needed. The guideline focuses on the general information that must appear on the page. On some occasions, the lecturers give additional information that should be included on the cover page.

The name of the institution, your name, the title of the course, your class, paper’s due date and the professor’s name are included.

All the lines are double spaced just like in the rest of the document. The name of your institution appears first on the page.  The title of the research is written beginning from one-third of the page.  At this point, you can write the sub-title if the paper has one.

Lastly, type your name several lines below the title.  Add the name of your course, your registration/admission number, instructors name and the deadline for the paper. Periods should not be put anywhere on the cover page.

If you choose to include a cover page, then you do not need a heading on the first page of your work.  If the cover page is not included, then the details on the cover page are written on the first page. The details appear first then the other contents of the paper continue. Your last name and page number appear on all pages.

General format of when I write my MLA style paper

  • When using MLA, an 8 ½ X 11 inches paper is used. When printing, do it on a single side.
  • Maintain a 1-inch margin on all sides
  • Page numbers appear half an inch from the top right hand corner
  • Number all the pages. The numbers should be a half-inch from the top right margin
  • When writing the page number, write your last name then the number
  • The whole paper is double spaced. It is written in 12 inch Times Roman font
  • Leave a space after every period
  • All tables, figures and drawings are assigned Arabic numbers


All headings begin one inch away from the top of the page.  You should not italicize, bold, underline, and write all letters in capital letters of your title.

To write my MLA style paper is not hard and the requirements are not complicated. It is easy to trace the authors that have been cited. Students take a short time to learn how to use the style of writing.

Please read more about MLA referenced papers here.

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